Cracker! Thiago's magic moves in Mainz

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Thiago’s goal to make the score 3-0 against Mainz 05 showcased the complete range of football artistry: on the one hand technical finesse, on the other hand purpose and power. "That shows what kind of player he is, especially on the ball," David Alaba enthused afterwards. The Spaniard not only amazed his fellow players with his dream goal - the fans on Twitter were also thrilled.

Dancing Thiago drives home

First the skilled schemer danced his way round Mainz defenders Pierre Kunde, Leandro Barreiro and Jeremiah St. Juste with lithe movements and a truly delicate feel for the ball. But he finished irresistibly and unstoppably with a wave of his instep. The goal effectively killed off the home side and paved the way for Bayern’s ultimate 3-1 victory.

After a mazy dribble, Thiago fired home to make the score 3-0

Third goal in third game for Thiago

Thiago thus underscored his fine form, as he found the net for the third game in a row. The 28-year-old has now hit the target in every match after the winter break. Thiago was once again the linchpin of Bayern’s play against the men from Mainz. Our No. 6 made the most challenges (32) of all the Munich players and had the most touches of the ball (113).

Robert Lewandowski also scored again in Mainz - and passed a remarkable milestone

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