Coronavirus: Jan-Christian Dreesen answers fans' questions


Due to the constant new developments regarding coronavirus and its effect on Bayern's match operations, our fans and members have lots of questions. Board member Jan-Christian Dreesen answers the most urgent.

Q&A with Jan-Christian Dreesen

Why did FC Bayern decide to hold games behind closed doors, i.e without spectators?
"First of all, it was not the decision of FC Bayern Munich, but a decision made by the Bavarian State Government, whereby events with more than 1,000 spectators are prohibited. The reason for this measure is an attempt to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. FC Bayern also feels a responsibility to contribute to the effort here".

Are fans allowed to congregate in front of the Allianz Arena, as seen in Mönchengladbach and Paris?
"Our urgent appeal is in line with the advice of experts to avoid large gatherings of people. We also recommend not to hold any public viewing events and to watch the matches on television at home instead".

Will all games up until April 19 be played behind closed doors?
"The honest answer is: in line with the Bavarian State Government’s decree, all games will take place without spectators until April 19. Currently, we are preoccupied with the game next week against Chelsea in the Champions League. Decisions are being taken daily at national and international level. Of course, we will share any developments with the fans as soon as possible.”

If you have tickets for the match against Chelsea, do you get your money back automatically or do you have to do something, e.g. send in the original invoice or ticket?
"No, you don't have to do anything. We want a straightforward arrangement and will therefore refund all ticket holders for the match against Chelsea without question. The ticket holder will be notified by e-mail."

What about tickets via secondary markets?
"In the case of the secondary market operated by FC Bayern, the situation is quite clear: the ticket was bought back by FC Bayern and resold to a new buyer. Therefore, the secondary market buyer receives a refund from FC Bayern. However, FC Bayern can only refund the ticket price to first-hand buyers. If there are buyers from other platforms who are not known to FC Bayern, these buyers of tickets from other secondary markets must contact the respective platform operator.”

How much will season ticket holders get back from behind-closed-doors games?
"Season ticket holders in categories 1 to 5 will be reimbursed proportionally for each Matchday played without spectators.”

What is the procedure for fan club quotas?
"These, too, will be refunded via the respective ticket purchaser."

Is there a right of first refusal on other games, because one cannot use tickets now?
"Unfortunately, this is a question that I cannot answer properly yet. As of today, we can't say which matches will be played this season with or without spectators. It is therefore not possible to make promises that one might not be able to keep. Against this background, we would like to ask our fans and members as a whole for their understanding, in their joint responsibility to limit the further spread of the coronavirus".