Esports: First team meeting since the suspension of play

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It's yet to be decided whether the League will be completed or aborted, but whatever the decision, the FCB Esports team are prepared. José Sánchez, Miguel Mestre and Alex Alguacil met up last week in Barcelona for a five-day Esports camp to practice in ideal conditions. The trio had perfect facilities, as Mestre told "We were in a special gaming centre. Everything we needed was there, from the perfectly-adjusted air conditioning to the game itself."

Focused on the basics

The focus of the training camp was of course on the game eFootball PES 2020. Divided into four sessions, the three Spaniards worked on the console daily from morning to late evening. "The goal was to work on different aspects of the game. For example, the timing of the headers or the way we attack our opponents," said Mestre. Alguacil also saw significant progress in how the trio play: "The week was very good for us and we were able to improve across many areas."

One person missing

The meeting was valuable from a tactical point of view, and also for team chemistry, according to team captain Sánchez: "It was the first time we'd seen each other since the coronavirus pandemic. It was good for all of us to spend time together again." However, the team had to manage without coach Matthias Luttenberger. When the camp was planned it wasn't clear whether the Austrian would be able to travel due to the restrictions.

The new normal

For the three Spanish gamers, travelling within their home country was not a problem. "We are in the so-called new normal, but you should still be careful: respect, wearing masks and regular hand washing are still very important," Sánchez summed-up the current situation, adding: "Of course it was a little strange to train while wearing our FCB masks. But health is the most important thing."

Focused on own work

Mestre and Co. don't know whether similar training camps have been held in the league competition or if their boot camp is unique: "We're not really that interested, to be honest. We just concentrate on ourselves and do what we think is necessary to play at the top level." The three Spaniards seem to have internalised the Bayern mentality from the start. The pros have already shown how to restart the Bundesliga. Now we're keeping our fingers crossed things go just as well for our gamers.

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