Alphonso Davies: 'I want to be an inspiration'

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Alphonso Davies talks in an interview about his video clips in social networks, being a role model and his knowledge of Bavarian.

The interview with Alphonso Davies

Alphonso, it’s easy to see through your social media posts that you’re are a guy who always tries to make the best of every situation. Where does that come from?
Davies: “I think it runs in my whole family. We went through tough times when I was very young and I’m so infinitely grateful to my parents. Their journey began during the civil war in Liberia, and we came to Canada via Ghana. I can enjoy every single day of my life, but I know that there are other sides to life. All the more reason why I now try to convey to people how important it is to feel a sense of joy. I try to do that on the soccer pitch and, among other things in video clips now and again.”

To make your way in competitive sports, it's not enough to be cheerful and carefree. There’s obviously another side to Alphonso Davies behind all these videos. A focused, serious, ambitious one.
“With my first step onto the Säbener Straße training ground or into the Allianz Arena, I switch on. I’m aware that lots of people look up to us players, including me. I know when I need to seriously pursue my goals and when it's time to relax. It's always been my dream to play soccer for a club like Bayern, against the best in the world. I won't let up a single day. Never.”


Are you aware that you are a role model for lots of children around the world who are not so well off?
"I want to be an inspiration to lots and lots of children. We came to Canada as refugees from Africa and worked hard for everything we have. I think my life can show people that a lot is possible if you stay true to yourself and don't let yourself be led astray. When children all over the world see me playing and hear the story behind it, it’s nice to imagine them drawing motivation from it and developing the courage to work on their own dreams as well.”  


There’s a quite specific DNA at FC Bayern – Can you feel it?
“Yeah, I know: Mia san mia. That's what I learned right away in the first weeks here. And it's true what you hear even before you arrive here: there’s something very family-oriented about Bayern. It’s a very good club, especially for young players. You’re given a great welcome, everyone takes care of you with incredible warmth - and at the same time you’re always pushed to perform to the limit in every single training session on the pitch. Mia san mia is something that I’ve taken to my heart. Because I can fully identify with it. It's stuck inside me now.”


How’s your Bavarian - your nickname Phonzy is already typically Bavarian. 
(laughs) “Yes, Alfons Schuhbeck told me that. Funny guy. He told me that's his name too. And that I should stay with Bayern forever. In Bavarian I can say: ‘I bin da Phonzy’ (‘I'm Phonzy’).”

Are you also teaching your girlfriend Jordan Bavarian? She’s a footballer herself, with Paris St. Germain - would it be a dream if she were to sign up with FC Bayern?
(laughs) “Oh, yes, of course that would be a dream. I’ll have to ask Karl-Heinz Rummenigge if that's possible. In my eyes that would be a very good idea. But she's very happy in Paris, so that's fine too.”

Photo credits: Fritz Beck / FC Bayern Magazin 51.

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