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Welcome to the Bundesliga summit! Thanks to the 1-0 win at Werder Bremen, Thomas Müller was crowned champion of Germany for the ninth time in his career and that makes him the most successful player of all time in Germany's top flight alongside David Alaba and Franck Ribéry. The day after the triumph, the 30-year-old answered questions from his fans about how it feels to be a champion again in a Q&A on his Instagram account. fcbayern.com has picked out the best answers from the Bayern star.

Thomas Müller on...

…winning the league title:
"We've just come back from Bremen and are, of course, very happy to have wrapped it up. It wasn't a given when you think where we've come from. I remember two really tight and difficult matches just before Christmas when Josh Zirkzee won the games for us at Freiburg and against Wolfsburg. So it's something special in the way we've achieved it."


…celebrations after the game in Bremen:
"It was definitely full on! It's normally the case that we’re expected to win at FC Bayern. If it's not a final or lifting a title, then we try to get back to routine after league matches as soon as possible because there's always the next game coming up. But it was obviously different this time. You could see the effect of the last few weeks on the team, but we really let our hair down yesterday. We had a review of the season and then, in accordance with the regulations, really celebrated with lots of music sat at our own tables. And our international players also had their musical requests so we had a great party."

…how it feels to win the title for the eighth time in succession:
"This time it did feel special. I've had my ups and downs this season. That's why there's a certain joy and satisfaction that perhaps wasn't there in other years because I had to battle my way out of a hole. As a team, we played brilliantly but for me 2020 above all went really well."

Thanks to the captain: Manuel Neuer secured the win at Bremen in the final minutes with a brilliant save.

…on Manuel Neuer's brilliant save:
"After the save, I thought: 'Okay, that's turned out well again.' During it I thought: 'Come on Manu, just do what you always do!' And that worked. We’ve got massive confidence in our keeper. And that was a key moment when you're under siege for 90 minutes in your own penalty area when you're a man down. Then you just try to somehow save your own skin – and Manu did that for us."

…the best dancer in the team:
"It definitely used to be Rafinha but these days it's probably Alphonso Davies with his appearances on TikTok or possibly Robert LewanGOALski. But I'd vote for Jérôme Boateng. The young Boateng is back! He's got a couple of smooth dance moves and also has a bit more experience. He's into different kinds of music – so I vote for Jérôme."


…the top performer at the title celebrations in Bremen:
"Lucas Hernández was right up there and David Alaba calls him Torro. Lucas did brilliantly in the game yesterday, gave us a real boost and he got stuck into challenges. That shows he's right on it and he was able to carry that on into the night."

…the rest of the season:
"The team shows we’re having loads of fun at the moment playing for FC Bayern. We’re playing with extremely good energy levels we've still got a lot to do. We've got the cup final and the Champions League – even if it's in a different set of circumstances. I'm excited about the tournament format and I think we're in with a chance this year. Of course, you need to have a bit of luck in games in the Champions League as all the teams have incredibly high quality. But FC Bayern are back!"

We trace the journey taken by Thomas Müller and David Alaba from homegrown Bayern talents to the most successful Bundesliga players of all time:

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