The key points from Leon Goretzka's 1:1 Talk

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In the latest 1:1 Talk on the club's own TV channel FC Bayern.tv live, Leon Goretzka, who's all set to make his 50th Bundesliga appearance for FC Bayern on Saturday, was interviewed via video link. Among other things, he talked about the upcoming games and his versatile role on the pitch. We've summarised the 25-year-old's most important statements for you.  

On the upcoming match against Leverkusen  

"It'll be a high-tempo affair. Leverkusen have very, very quick players who are extremely good at transitioning. We'll have to be very vigilant there. Leverkusen's second great strength is playing in possession, the way they manage to stay between the lines. They have players who are technically very good and can hold onto the ball in narrow spaces. I do believe that after the reverse fixture we have a score to settle."

On his various roles in the FC Bayern midfield


"In the first game I started as an attacking midfielder in the number ten spot and then slipped back one position when Thiago got injured. I've now frequently played in both positions, both with Bayern and before that at Schalke or Bochum. I know what I have to do in each position so it's no problem for me to rotate back and forth between the two. I think it's very important for the coach and for a successful team that each position has its own task profile and as many players as possible know that profile and can implement it. For example, I know what I'd have to do if I played as a number nine, because of course we discuss all that in training."

On his fitness and muscle-building during the Corona break 

"I simply used the time to get to the gym more often and to do weight training. Of course everything was discussed with the fitness coaches at Bayern, because you have to be careful not to lose your sprightliness. But I think I've found a good mixture. I feel I'm in top form on the pitch right now. But I also think - now with the extra midweek games - it's not actually possible to eat enough to get fat. The kilos just drop off again."

On the function of his father and of athletes as role models


“My father's approach to dealing with tricky situations has always impressed me. Even if I often didn't recognise at first glance what he was trying to achieve - often the penny only dropped days or weeks later - and I had to agree he was right. I believe, especially in these times there are an incredible number of sporting role models who use their reach to address social issues."

On the DFB Cup semi-final next Wednesday 

"If you look at Frankfurt's cup history over the last few years, they were always up there with the best. Semi-final, final, it's no coincidence. They're a team who can really go all out when they need to. They'll try to use their physicality to make life difficult for us. You just have to stand up to them right from the word go." 

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