FC Bayern Esports celebrate second place in European eFootball.Pro League

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FC Bayern's esport athletes finally have some certainty - and a reason to celebrate. KONAMI, developer of the football simulation eFootball PES 2020, announced today that the eFootball.pro League, played offline in Barcelona, would be concluded after five of nine matchdays and prizes awarded based on the current standings due to the coronavirus pandemic. FC Bayern are officially runners-up in the opening season. With 20 from a 30 possible points, the team coached by Matthias Luttenberger are just one point behind champions AS Monaco (21). Third place went to Juventus with 17 points from ten games. However, gamers have not yet reached their summer break because the eFootball.Pro Cup will be held as an online tournament as a replacement, with all ten league teams.

Absolute top group

It starts with a group stage, which will take place on 17 and 24 July . The two best teams from the two groups of five will then play the semi-finals and the final on 31 July. FCB will face Schalke and Barcelona on Matchday 1. "We've already played against both teams in the league and were able to take six points against each. Online it's a different matter. We'll see how we deal with it," said FCB Esports coach Luttenberger. The other two group opponents are FC Nantes and AS Monaco, two duels that were still to be played in the league.

Striving for the top

Luttenberger and his team can be more than satisfied with second place in the league in the FCB Esports premier season. "The result is essentially very good and positive. Nonetheless, we certainly had the more difficult draw up to the fifth matchday and were just one point behind the leaders ahead of the direct duel," said the Austrian. Team captain José Sánchez was also confident that the top position would have been within reach: "We had the skills to achieve first place and win the season."

Alex Alguacil and his teammates are already looking forward to the eFootball.Cup!

Always well prepared

The FCB gamers go all the more motivated into the new tournament. "Even if the online playing mode may not suit us as well as offline mode, we will do our best. We want to show the world what we can do," said Miguel Mestre. Now the hard work of the past few weeks should bear fruit: "We've trained a lot to be prepared for every possible case. We feel very good and we're hungry," said Alex Alguacil.

Team meets in Madrid 

For the eFootball.Pro Cup, Bayern gamers will meet in Madrid to play in a special gaming centre, even though the tournament is taking place online. "We have a better connection there and we will all be together. The last point in particular is very important to us," said Mestre. And you can also be part of the games, at least virtually. All the games from Sánchez and Co. will be broadcast on the FC Bayern Esports channels.

The FC Bayern Esports team have kept in shape to be ready for a possible resumption of play. At the end of June, the three gamers met for a boot camp in Barcelona.

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