Beckenbauer on the CL final: 'PSG are one heck of a team'

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It goes without saying that Franz Beckenbauer hasn't missed out on watching the Champions League finals tournament in Portugal and the FC Bayern legend has been spellbound while following the Reds' matches on TV. The 74-year-old is very impressed by the Munich team's performance, as he revealed in an interview with fcbayern.com. The Kaiser is really looking forward to watching the upcoming final against Paris Saint-Germain.

Franz Beckenbauer: the interview


How did you follow Bayern's semi-final against Lyon?
"I watched it on TV and was thrilled, like every other Bayern fan. They didn't play like they did against Barcelona, but a performance like that is a one-off. The game against Lyon was also remarkable because Olympique are also a very strong team. I remember that from my time with Marseille. They showed it again, especially in the early stages - the French had the first chances of the match. Manuel Neuer made a few brilliant saves. But then the Bavarians took the reins - and didn't let them go for the rest of the game. That's how it should be and it's also very important. We've often seen how teams can let a game slip away from themselves because they get careless, because they think it's too easy. But they stayed calm and finished the job. It paid off, and you can only compliment the team."

How difficult will it be for Bayern in the final against PSG?
"I've watched PSG's games, they're one heck of a team. It'll be the most difficult game of this Champions League season. I can't find any weak points in the team and I expect them to vary their playing style. I hope that both teams don't hold back too much, don't show each other too much respect and play just as refreshingly and with a joie de vivre like they have done up to now. Then we can expect a wonderful final."

Do you think FC Bayern can win the Champions League?
"It'll be a match played on equal terms. I'd say it's 50-50. Sometimes you need a bit of luck. If Bayern get that, they'll win the game."

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