FC Bayern welcomes DFL's quarantine measures


The DFL executive committee decided on Thursday on two-stage quarantine measures for the two highest tiers of German football in order to provide additional security for the operation of the games, especially in view of the time pressure incurred by the UEFA European Championship immediately following the season.


FC Bayern deputy chairman Jan-Christian Dreesen said: "FC Bayern welcomes the DFL's decision that all 36 German professional clubs will have a quarantined training environment. This creates another important buffer for safeguarding match operations in the first and second tier. Health must always come first."

First step starts on 3 May

According to the decision, the group of people included in the regular PCR testing programme around the team, the coaching staff and the team support must stay exclusively at home or at the training ground, or in the stadium ("quasi-quarantine") in order to reduce contact and further minimise the risk of infection spreading from Monday, 3 May. Subsequently, from Wednesday, 12 May, the corresponding group of people from all 36 clubs will go to a "quarantine training camp" after a PCR negative test result has been carried out at the earliest 24 hours beforehand. The "quarantine training camp" is compulsory until the end of a club's respective match on MD34 (22/23 May).

On Saturday Bayern play Mainz; read about the other games to look out for here: