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Despite numerous absences, FC Bayern played well against Union Berlin, but nonetheless had to settle for a 1-1 draw after a late equaliser. "We played well for long stretches, even with this [much-changed] team," surmised Manuel Neuer. "It's a shame that we conceded the goal ... it was a good game from us," Hansi Flick said, praising his team. fcbayern.com has reaction from both sides here.

Reaction from the Bayern camp

Hansi Flick: "It's a shame we conceded the goal. A win would have been fairer for us. We have to accept it now though. We move on. It was a good game from us, everyone played excellently. The young players contributed well. We made the best of it, unfortunately it wasn't enough for three points. When you're leading, it's always hard to accept that, especially because we all had a good mentality as well."

Manuel Neuer: "It's very annoying. We wanted a different outcome. We played well for long stretches, even with this [much-changed] team, and would have deserved to win. That's football. It hurts. We went to sleep for one moment and we're made to pay."

Thomas Müller: "We played with a much-changed team and the young players all did a great job. The team performance was committed, without being the most smooth in the final third. But in and of itself it was a good home game. We had Union, a team that are causing a stir this season, completely under our control. It makes the goal that we conceded from a throw-in all the more annoying."

Reaction from the Union camp

Urs Fischer (Union Berlin head coach): "The team deserved the point over the course of the 90 minutes, even if it was a bit lucky. Our play off the ball was very good, Bayern didn't have that many scoring chances from my point of view. We risked everything again at the end and scored the equaliser. It's a great result for us."

Andreas Luthe (Union Berlin goalkeeper): "We played well. We didn't make quite as much of an impact up front as we had hoped. We've done better than that at other times this season. Defensively, it was a lot of running. Bayern moved the ball well. We made a lot of runs and got tired. If you then want to do something going forward, you don't have the strength."

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