These records shaped David Alaba's time at Bayern

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David Alaba has been with FC Bayern for 13 years, and since 2010 - apart from a six-month loan to Hoffenheim - he has been an integral part of the first-team squad. His achievements during this time have ranged from strong to world class, as the statistics show.

1. Appearance record


No other non-German player has made as many Bundesliga (281) and competitive appearances (431) in professional football for Bayern as Alaba.

2. Departure as a record champion

At the age of just 28, Alaba has won the German championship ten times. Only Thomas Müller has won as many Bundesliga titles, but he was 31 years old in 2021. Apart from FCB (31), no other club in Germany has won more than nine titles (Nürnberg).

3. Record win rate

During his time at Bayern Alaba had much to celebrate.

Overall, Alaba has won 73% of his Bundesliga games (217 of 298). Of all the players with at least 250 league appearances, no one has a higher win rate than the Austrian - Franck Ribéry and Thomas Müller are also on 73%.

4. Sprinting from victory to victory

Alaba only needed 272 Bundesliga games for his first 200 wins - no other player in Bundesliga history has achieved this so quickly.

5. Alab💥💥💥m

No other Bayern player has scored as many goals in the Bundesliga direct from free kicks as David Alaba (7) since detailed data collection began. He showed off these skills in other competitions as well, for example in the 2020 cup final against Leverkusen.

As a farewell, David Alaba received many emotional messages from former companions:

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