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He was a teammate, a goalscorer and above all a friend. Before FC Bayern's home match against 1. FC Köln, friends and companions of Gerd Müller commemorated the best striker Germany has ever produced. Highly decorated football legends such as Franz Beckenbauer and Uli Hoeneß reminisced together about the man whose marksmanship also had a decisive influence on their own successful careers. Others emphasised their admiration for a uniquely talented footballer. But what they all had in common was that they are mourning his loss as a member of the Bayern family and as a true friend.

Those present signed a book of condolence.

Hainer: "Gerd Müller was instantly liked by everyone"

"Gerd Müller was immensely popular, not only because of his sporting successes, but also because of who he was as a person," said club president Herbert Hainer of the exceptional striker, who died last Sunday at the age of 75. Hainer had "the fortune and the opportunity" to get to know Gerd Müller during his time at adidas. "Everyone liked Gerd Müller immediately. He was approachable, he was modest and down-to-earth. It was this combination of sporting success, plus who he was as a guy that made Gerd Müller so popular," Hainer continued.

It was precisely these wonderful qualities that the invited guests emphasised again and again. "He won what there was to win. He was the ultimate goalscorer - but as a person he was even more valuable to me," Hermann Gerland emphasised. To him, Müller had become a true friend during their many years of working together with FC Bayern's reserves, and his passing hurts. "A very kind, charming, friendly and gracious person has left us." Müller's long-time teammate Sepp Maier further echoed these sentiments: "Only positive things remain of Gerd. He brought us so far, and as a man he was great. We miss him a lot."

Fans worldwide can sign a digital book of condolences for Gerd Müller. More info here:

In their conversations, Müller's friends, among them former schoolmates from his hometown of Nördlingen, relived great memories of Der Bomber. Legendary goals scored by the attacker were retold, as well as personal anecdotes that his former companions associated with him. "It is nice that all his friends have gathered here today and are keeping Gerd's memory alive," said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, long-time FC Bayern CEO and Müller's teammate. Anyone who has had the pleasure of listening to them knows that Gerd Müller's memory will never be forgotten.

Bayern remember the great Gerd Müller:

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