FC Bayern begin partnership with Miele

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There was an aroma of culinary delight in the air at the Allianz Arena as Oliver Kahn joined Markus Miele, Axel Kniehl and Reinhard Zinkann – the senior management at Miele – to explain the partnership between FC Bayern and the Gütersloh-based business. "Both partners are united by the pursuit of the best possible. We want to offer people something special. Both can look back on over 120 years of tradition – and we know very well you cannot rest on tradition," said club CEO Kahn.


"Miele and Bayern Munich is the perfect combination of two premium brands with long tradition that never cease to inspire their fans," explained Kniehl, marketing director of the Miele Group. "Our partnership is a successful one-two between top-class sport and innovative technology. We're delighted that Miele is now part of our team," added Andreas Jung, the FC Bayern board member for marketing, sponsorship and events.

The initial three-year partnership agreement was signed last year, but the official kick-off has only taken place now due to COVID-19. From now on at home games at the Allianz Arena, guests can expect a special kind of gourmet experience in the Miele Lounge. And when there's no match on, the space is transformed into the 'Cooking Arena', where chef Kevin von Holt welcomes guests. His creations reflect the connection with FC Bayern. For example, with dishes such as red shrimp on 'Mia san mia' mosaic with truffled radish and flambeed watermelon. Miele will also equip Bayern's headquarters at Säbener Straße and the FC Bayern World in the city centre.

The partnership between Bayern and Miele was already announced last October:

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