Nagelsmann: We didn't shoot often enough

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A tough evening for FC Bayern in Augsburg. Coach Julian Nagelsmann's team had 18 shots, but only four were on target. "We didn't have enough chances to score," said captain Manuel Neuer after the game. has reaction on the Bavarian derby.

Reaction from the Bayern camp:

Julian Nagelsmann: "We're conceding goals the same way every time this season. We defended carelessly at times today. Our opponents didn't have any moments of true brilliance and scored twice. If you don't score five goals yourself, you end up losing. That was the case against Frankfurt. When things don't go so well up front, we have to be more secure at the back. Overall, we didn't shoot at goal enough today."

Manuel Neuer: "That was very disappointing. We definitely have to win against teams like this. We have more quality. In the first half, we weren't really in it, we weren't brave enough going forward. We had too few chances to score. We have to show more bravery in many areas."

Thomas Müller: "In the first half, we didn't look good in our own half at various moments. Normally you don't concede two goals from two or three chances. But we also let it get to that. It wasn't necessary. With the ball, we did okay for long stretches of the game. We found pockets of space, but the first half wasn't good. In the second half, you could see that we wanted to turn it around, but we didn't have luck on our side. It's a tough setback. There were one or two moments when we were maybe a bit too sloppy."

Robert Lewandowski: "We didn't play well enough and didn't show what we can do. Not everything worked. The fact that we conceded two goals is too much. We should have played at higher pace at times. It's different when you concede two goals, then your opponent can drop deeper. We have to look ahead now and show people how we play football again."

Reaction from the Augsburg camp:

Markus Weinzierl (FC Augsburg head coach): "We played very well in the first half and were 2-0 up. The late goal annoyed me. To be 2-1 up at the break is dangerous, of course. But we played the second half with a lot of skill and determination and we won. We knew we had to get through the opening part of the season and we've now taken ten points from the last four home games. We feel very confident at home."

André Hahn (FC Augsburg): "It's terrific. Friday night game, full house. We did something good for the fans and for us. We beat Bayern."

Rafal Gikiewicz (FC Augsburg): "Who would have thought it? This is madness. I'm 34 years old and I've fulfilled my dream of beating Bayern. It wasn't a pretty game, but we scored one more goal than them. It was a deserved win. We ran a lot and didn't allow many chances."

The match report:

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