Episode 27: Julian Nagelsmann - the approachable head coach

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Bayern fans, you can't possibly miss this! In the latest edition of the FC Bayern podcast we have a real treat for you, because head coach Julian Nagelsmann pops in for a chat! In a 55-minute conversation, the boss provides detailed insights from behind the scenes at the record champions. In this latest episode, find out what a typical day looks like for the 34-year-old, which guiding principles he’s driven by, why FC Bayern is "a real labour of love" for Nagelsmann and what the coaching team's meatloaf bet is all about. Check it out!

Listen to the Nagelsmann podcast here:

Among other things, Nagelsmann talks in the podcast about...

...his bond with FC Bayern:

"Training a club of this stature in your home region is very, very rare. That makes it an extreme labour of love for me."

...his first speech in front of the team:


"At some point, when the whole squad was complete, we gave the first speech up here in the auditorium. That definitely was a special moment, because of course then global stars like Lewandowski, like Manu [Neuer], like Thomas [Müller] were suddenly sitting in front of you, and you naturally ask yourself first: How will they react to you? But it felt extremely warm right from the start. The players made me feel very welcome and were immediately very enthusiastic, wanting to know my ideas and there were no teething problems, as there were none throughout the club. That certainly was something very extraordinary, feeling at home very quickly."

...his team management:


"One of the guiding principles is: 'Let them breathe with your air.' The players always have to have that necessary feeling of freedom, that they can make their own decisions, that they’re the more important part of a win than the coach. It's all about giving the players the necessary freedom, but still giving them so much content that they always have the right solution and in the end take the path that you want to take with them."



"The first basis for deciding is what sort of players you have available. You always base your idea first on the players, on the category of players we have. I tell them my ideas, and they’re allowed to express theirs. And in the end, it’s really important as a coach to step back at certain moments. You aren’t the most important guy, rather at the end of the day, football is a players’ game. The players have to feel comfortable with the idea and be able to implement the idea."

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