The entire first season of the FC Bayern World Squad "One Dream" series

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Scoring a goal in the Champions League like Robert Lewandowski or making a stunning save at a sold-out Allianz Arena like Manuel Neuer: these are the things that young football talents all around the world dream of. FC Bayern gave 15 young players from 15 countries the unique opportunity to seize this chance and perhaps even make it as a pro themselves - and you can follow their journey! With this series, FC Bayern is breaking new ground thematically in sports documentaries and providing insights into how football can unite people from different cultures. It also embodies FC Bayern values such as tolerance and diversity, which go beyond the boundaries of the football pitch.

On this page we’re showing you all six episodes from the first series – watch now!

Humble Beginnings I Episode 1

The FCB World Squad starts! And so does the selection of players for the squad. The coaching team of Klaus Augenthaler and Christopher Loch, as well as mentor Giovane Élber, looks at the many entries and gets to know the talented players from all over the world.

Proving Grounds I Episode 2

The coaching team have made their selections for the FC Bayern World Squad! For some of them it will be a nice surprise when they're told that they're part of the team. In addition, 10 German talents have the chance to be included in the squad. For them, a training session on the Allianz Arena turf awaits!

From Dream to Team I Episode 3

The FC Bayern World Squad is complete! The squad is set and the first stop for Klaus Augenthaler and Christopher Loch's team is Mexico! The whole team travels with the coaching team and Giovane Élber to North America to play their first game as a team.

New Horizons I Episode 4

The training camp in Mexico is done. Now, the FC Bayern World Squad is heading to Munich with their final roster. The big test against the FC Bayern Under-19 team is getting closer and closer.

Final Hours I Episode 5

The final challenge for the FC Bayern World Squad is getting closer and closer, which is why they are playing another friendly match, to keep improving. And they also get one or two tips from the pros, including Manuel Neuer. Meanwhile, the team of Klaus Augenthaler and Christopher Loch visit the Adidas ground.

Chance of a Lifetime I Episode 6

For the FC Bayern World Squad the final test against the U19 of the FCB is coming up. They have all waited, worked and looked forward to this. Now it's time to see who in Klaus Augenthaler and Christopher Loch's squad has what it takes to assert themselves at Bayern.

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