Interview with Esports coach Matthias Luttenberger

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FC Bayern Esports will compete in Konami's eFootball Championship Pro in June. In the group stage, the Munich team will face Glasgow Celtic, Monaco and Manchester United. We spoke to coach Matthias Luttenberger about the preparations and his expectations for the tournament.

Matthias Luttenberger - The interview

Servus Lutti, this coming weekend you'll be competing in the eFootball Championship Pro. How How great is the anticipation?

Luttenberger: "The anticipation for the tournament is huge. We've got a terrific group. It'll be a tough nut to crack, the teams are well represented, especially Monaco with two former world champions. But we're really happy that it's about to start again and we can hardly wait."

"The players are very positive and motivated. After the long break, everyone is really fired up for the start of the season."

Matthias Luttenberger
How did you prepare for the tournament in the last few weeks?

"The preparation has been very short and intensive. The game only came out in April with the full version. In the meantime, the game has changed again."

How's the team doing?

"The players are very positive and motivated. After the long break, everyone is really fired up for the start of the season. The guys are training a lot, there's lots of analysis going on - their thumbs are burning."

What are your expectations for the tournament?

"The tournament should throw up a few surprises because of the short preparation and because some parameters have changed. That's why it's not yet possible to assess exactly what to expect. But in the end, it's always been the case that quality has prevailed in the long run. We have to make sure we get our PS on track in the short preparation."

Who do you see as the favourites?

Based on experience, it's the usual suspects. Monaco have changed a player, but the team led by three-time World Cup winner Rachid "Usmakabyle" Tebane are always favourites. Barcelona have also bolstered their team very well. Those two teams are the favourites for us."

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