FC Bayern World Squad grows together as a unit

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The players in the FC Bayern World Cup squad are currently experiencing intensive and eventful days. The newly assembled team, made up of 22 talented youngsters from across the world, is currently on a nine-day Brazil tour. In addition to training sessions and last Wednesday's friendly against the Vasco da Gama U20 side (1-3), there were also plenty of activities off the pitch.

Singing at team evening

The players had to demonstrate their singing ability at a team evening.

The team, coached on site by coach Christopher Loch and FCB legend Zé Roberto, met up on the beach for a team evening after their first match. In addition to a barbecue, swimming and beach soccer of course, the talented players also had to do their best in demonstrating their singing ability.

Always on the ball

The ball is also in evidence on the Mirante Dona Marta viewing platform overlooking Rio de Janeiro.

A training session on Thursday was followed by sightseeing. That took in the famous Escadaria Selaròn steps, the Mirante Dona Marta viewing platform overlooking Rio de Janeiro and Sugar Mountain or at the Copacabana – the ball always had to be there. There was even a match on the beach against the Fluminense beach soccer team and a training session with local children.

Preparations for the next match & Maracanã visit

The FC Bayern World Squad visited the legendary Maracanã Stadium on Saturday night.

The focus on Friday and Saturday was on preparations for the next match on Monday night against the Flamengo Rio de Janeiro U20 team. Loch and Ze Roberto conducted two intense training session with the young talents. A real highlight awaited the lads on Saturday night. They watched the game between Fluminense and Atlético Goianiense (0-2) at the legendary Maracanã Stadium.

The team draws closer together


What started with 22 teenagers from 17 different countries with varying cultures at the beginning of the tour is growing more and more into a team. The lads easily get round potential barriers based on their different languages and backgrounds. Football brings the talented youngster together and makes them into a real unit.

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