FC Bayern legend Giovane Elber

Giovane Élber: "Life is good"

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A Bayern legend is celebrating a milestone birthday in Giovane Élber, who is currently on the Audi Summer Tour in his capacity as ambassador. The Brazilian turns 50 this Saturday - but Élber is so dedicated he is still working on his big day. fcbayern.com spoke to the birthday boy.

Interview with Giovane Élber

Giovane, happy birthday! You turn 50 today, what celebrations are planned?
"We won't be able to celebrate massively because FC Bayern are playing Manchester City in the evening. Then we're on the plane to Munich. But I will catch up with friends in Munich. And of course I will celebrate in Brazil as soon as I have time to fly there again."

On the USA tour you're in contact with fans a lot and you create a good atmosphere at events. What's the secret of your zest for life?
"I have fun doing it. What I do for FC Bayern isn't work for me. It's really important to me to represent the club I grew up with. I met some fans yesterday at lunch and signed autographs for them. It's great, I like doing it."

Giovane Elber with FC Bayern Fans
Always on duty for the fans: Élber at FC Bayern's open training session at Audi Field in Washington DC.

Are you recognised on the street in the USA?
"Amazingly, yes (laughs)! I wouldn't have thought so, football isn't the biggest of sports here. But we have a lot of fans here now. We already saw it in Washington, the number of fans waiting in front of the hotel. It was the same in Green Bay, it's great! It means football is slowly growing here."

What was your personal highlight on the tour?
"In addition to the fans, for me personally it was the visit to the White House. Few people have the opportunity to go there. But we were invited with FC Bayern, the board and the players. It was great for me to be there. That was my birthday present, you could say."

So you've had a nice gift. What other wishes do you have for the next year of your life?
"My wish is to stay healthy and continue to live how I have done so far. I would say I've done everything right in life. Of course you make mistakes, but you try to forget them and not make them a second time. You learn from that too. Now I've reached an age where it's all about having fun in life. When I get up in the morning, I'm not in pain, and my family is fine, I say to myself: life is good."

And what are your wishes for FC Bayern?
"Success of course. It's what distinguishes a club, playing well and winning titles. I hope FC Bayern continue to win many titles."

Élber spoke with Stephan Lehmann about his June birthday with the club magazine "51" last month:

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