Giovane Élber and the dove of peace

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The attacks of 11 September 2001 moved people all over the world. For those who saw the terrible pictures from New York at that time, many things became secondary - including football. It was the same for the FC Bayern players at the time. Immediately after the event, which would noticeably change the course of world history, it was difficult for them - as it was for millions around the world - to return to everyday life.

Élber: 'We had to play'

"In the dressing room, the hotel, we were only talking about the USA - but we had to play," recalled Giovane Élber a good 20 years later in an interview with the club magazine "51". Already on the next weekend, the German record champions were back in Bundesliga action. Bayern won 1-0 against Freiburg, with the Brazilian scoring the goal - and he took the oppoprtunity to send out a message of peace.

Elber watches as his goal goes in against Freiburg - but the celebrations were muted.

"I actually had no desire to play football, but I also couldn't just do nothing when I scored a goal. That's when I made the dove of peace," Élber said, explaining the spontaneous gesture he made with his hands. With this act, the striker probably spoke from the heart of all spectators at the Olympiastadion and all fans of the Bundesliga. It was the most fitting sign that Élber could have made in these days far away from any normality.

In the "Looking back" series, fcbayern.com presents finds from the photo archives. Among them is another special encounter with SC Freiburg:

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