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FC Bayern München eV. senior vice-president Prof. Dr. Dieter Mayer and deputy vice-president Walter Mennekes presented the club's figures and successes in the past financial year in their speeches at the 2022 annual general meeting.

It was already clear that the eV would have to manage without dividends from the AG. But confidence was spread by the continuing increase in membership.

Through this support, it has indeed been possible to quadruple the value of the club in recent years. "We can all be a little proud of that," Mayer emphasised.

A look at the balance sheet evoked the same feeling. It shows a handsome equity capital of around €138 million - another increase. The equity ratio is 99%.

It is also particularly noteworthy that the FC Bayern Campus is now fully paid off. The eV is therefore the debt-free owner of one of the most impressive sports facilities on 300,000 square metres. "You can assume that the value of the Campus has tripled in the meantime," said Mayer.

Difficulty because of pandemic

However, he was also aware: "The pandemic situation burdened a large part of the past business year and presented us with difficult tasks. For our amateur department, no reasonable grassroots sport was possible for almost two years," Mayer noted.

He praised all the staff who commuted between Säbener Straße and working at home and maintained a service of the usual quality for the 295,000 members. "Even in difficult times, we were on the ball," Mayer knows.

Of course, the financial and economic situation was also affected by the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. It is therefore all the more pleasing that there will again be a dividend of €2.25 million for the current business year.

Planning the challenge

Due to the known circumstances, the overall result of the past business year ultimately showed a deficit of €559,233.

"Even though we would’ve liked to have at least seen a black zero, there’s no reason to worry," said Mayer, because this result also included more than €4 million in depreciation from the FC Bayern Campus.

Nevertheless: "The general economic situation means that reliable planning for the following years is difficult," Mayer emphasised.

Walter Mennekes

Mennekes, meanwhile, gave an insight into the individual departments of basketball, handball, bowling, chess, refereeing, senior football and table tennis, in which there are 1,900 active athletes. "There was a lot going on and some successes were achieved," he began.

Focus on youth work

He enthusiastically emphasised that the great commitment to youth basketball continues to bear fruit, with various Bayern players recently being called up to national teams. In handball, too, the focus is on promoting young talent. There are now 10 youth teams.


What was also important to Mennekes was that "The commitment of our departments, also beyond the sporting side, is very close to my heart". As an example, he mentioned the Reds against Racism action day at the FC Bayern Campus as well as the commitment to schools: "As a club, we are now active at 100 schools. We want to make our contribution to promoting physical activity.”

The child and youth protection programme was mentioned. A "culture of listening and looking" has been established to protect children from violence of any kind, he said. "There are ambassadors in all our teams who support us," Mennekes said, adding that Laura Benkarth and Joshua Kimmich support us in the Red Line campaign.

Read president Herbert Hainer’s speech:

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