FC Bayern honours long-serving members at the Allianz Arena


Traditions must be maintained, particularly at a historic club like FC Bayern. The tribute day for long-serving members can be seen as a real club tradition by now. On Saturday, before the Bundesliga home match against FC Augsburg, those celebrating 50, 60 or 70 years of membership were honoured – and at the Allianz Arena again for the first time since the Covid pandemic. "That makes it all the nicer that everyone's come today and we're all together again," said president Herbert Hainer, who was also in attendance. "FC Bayern is just one big family."

The members tribute day is a sign of the community at FC Bayern: President Herbert Hainer praised the special feeling of togetherness at FCB in his speech.

Executive committee and honorary committee present

Stephan Lehmann led the tributes to the 46 members in attendance. President Hainer highlighted the uniqueness of long membership in his speech. The group then went back to the years 1952, 1962 and 1972 with the help of video sequences, before executive committee memers Prof. Dr. Dieter Mayer and Walter Mennekes took the floor. As well as the executive committee, the honorary committee were also present, from which former players Georg Bogeschdorfer and Ludwig Landerer were rewarded for their 70 years of membership. "Schorsch" Bogeschdorfer played football in the streets of Giesing with Franz Beckenbauer as a child.

There were lots of smiling faces at the end of the tributes. "A fantastic event. Only FC Bayern can mount something like this," said Peter Markuzzi, who was recognised for his 70-year loyalty. Manfred Sonntag, who's been a Bayern member for 60 years, summarised: "Everything's perfect here – as you expect from FC Bayern." For 50 years Renate Rühmkorf has been part of the German record champions, and has experienced a lot with her beloved club. "I became a Bayern fan because of Beckenbauer. I've been to every Champions League and European Cup final since 1974 – except the last one, which wasn't possible because of Covid."

Heiner Jüngling, current member number 1, was also in attendance as part of the honorary committee.

Tribute day 2023 planned for autumn

In 10 years' time, Mrs Rühmkorf will become an honorary member, like all members when they reach 60 years of membership. Honorary members enjoy special privileges. The members tribute day for jubilarians with 50, 60 or 70 years of membership, as well as the members tribute matchday (35 years of membership) are planned for autumn of this year.

After the end of the official part and the communal lunch, all those honoured watched FCB's home match against Augsburg live in the stadium. Both the game and the tribute event were once again a complete success.

FC Bayern recently passed a milestone in its membership: