FC Bayern thanks emergency service workers and volunteers

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Bavarian sport stood united side by side on the podium at the Allianz Arena - and FC Bayern was represented by president Herbert Hainer and vice-captain Sarah Zadrazil. The German record champions are supporting the campaign ‘Not all heroes wear jerseys. Sport says thank you’, which the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, led by minister Joachim Herrmann, is implementing with the Bavarian Karate Federation, the Bavarian Football Association, the Disabled and Rehabilitation Sports Association and the Bavarian State Sports Association to promote more respect for security and emergency services.

“It’s different on the pitch, but in our everyday lives not all heroes wear jerseys - and they still deserve our respect, or even more so,” said Hainer. “Life is always about taking responsibility, for our fellow human beings, for the community - for all of us.” Only by working together, the president continued, “can we achieve anything, and only if we stand together. FC Bayern says thank you above all to all the emergency service workers and people in voluntary work who are committed to our society and embody what matters always and everywhere: being a reliable team.”

Zadrazil added that she wanted to “do her bit to say thank you to the emergency service workers and people involved in voluntary work. We sportspeople get applause from the fans when we win - but the people who aren’t in the limelight so much deserve it just as much.” She wanted to make it clear to people “that voluntary work in particular cannot be taken for granted”. People experience every day in sport “that you can only achieve something as a team, that you have to be able to rely on each other - and that is a message that we also want to convey to society”.

Herbert Hainer in conversation with Sarah Zadrazil and Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann.

The core of the campaign are videos that are distributed in particular via social media, but also at home games of Bavarian professional football teams. As well as Zadrazil, Bavarian Sports Ambassador Anna Schaffelhuber, and Jonas Abu Wahib, world junior karate runner-up, are involved as faces.

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