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A standing ovation for Raimond Aumann: after 27 years in charge of the FC Bayern fan and fan club support department, the fan dialogue working group said goodbye to the former FCB captain at its summer meeting in the traditional Munich restaurant Paulaner am Nockherberg. Speakers Melanie Humann and Hansi Gehrlein presented him with a case of wine from all the growing regions of the working group membership, and Aumann thanked them for their many years of cooperation. They have built up a lot together: "You have made the fan dialogue working group a body that others only dream of!" Executive vice chairman Michael Diederich praised Aumann and the interaction of the fan dialogue working group: "FC Bayern stands for exchange and dialogue, and in this body the interests of the supporters are bundled, mirrored and tackled together. We will continue to follow this path."

Raimond Aumann fan dialogue working group FC Bayern
After 27 years in charge of the FC Bayern fan and fan club support department, the fan dialogue working group said goodbye to Raimond Aumann.

Focus on sustainability and brand development

At the most recent meeting, the main topics were the areas of sustainability and brand development. In addition, the reconstruction of the Nordkurve at the Allianz Arena was discussed and an important organisational point was highlighted. Anyone would immediately flinch at the unwieldy word "commissioned data processing contracts", said Markus Meindl, Aumann's successor – nonetheless, data protection is an important topic that "legally leaves FC Bayern no leeway", Diederich clarified, appealing for understanding and assistance from the fan representatives: "There are draconian penalties for non-compliance." The appeal: please get across the sensitive nature of the topic and the necessary compliance with the legal basis to all fan clubs. In order to be covered by data protection law, all that is needed from each fan club is a data processing agreement (DPA). Failure to do so will result in deletion from the official system. If you have any questions, please contact fanclubs@fcbayern.com at any time.

Participant fan dialogue working group FC Bayern
The participants in the fan dialogue working group: "A body that others only dream of."

The topic of sustainability at FC Bayern is divided into three fields of action, explained Denise Heinemann, the person responsible for the working group: health, diversity & inclusion and climate. "Sustainability is more than environmental protection," she said. It's also about social aspects, and here, for example, projects are regularly implemented through the FCB initiative 'Red against Racism', from staff training in anti-racism work to the 'Diversity Mountain' and support for the queer fan community, to the development of signs for the players with the deaf fan club 'Red Deaf'. Together with the Südkurve, an awareness concept for the Allianz Arena is also being finalised. "With all these initiatives, we want the fans to say: Yes, FC Bayern, this is my family, my club," Diederich addd. "We will always keep an open ear and not let up." Thomas Glas, director of brand strategy at FC Bayern, also presented a specially developed logo for the committee to the working group in this context. The tenor: We are a team!

In June, president Herbert Hainer attended the anniversary celebration of the "Frankenhöhe" fan club:

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