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Modernisation of the Allianz Arena

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FC Bayern's last home match of the 2022/23 season had only just finished when preparations for the new season already started at the Allianz Arena. The summer break is once again being used to carry out some modernisation work at the home of the German record champions.

In future, the pitch will be a hybrid turf. "It's a carpet which already contains synthetic fibres. Natural grass is sown in between, which combines the advantages of a natural turf with the quality of a hybrid turf. It will be even more level and therefore very easy to play on," explained Jürgen Muth, managing director of Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH.

Allianz Arena
The corners of the Nordkurve will be made into standing-only sections for the new season, while the middle blocks will be made into seated-only sections.

Along with further maintenance and repairs, the FC Bayern team zone will also be expanded. In addition, the corners of the Nordkurve (blocks 126, 127, 128 as well as 133 and 134) will each be made into standing-only sections. The middle blocks (129 to 132) will become seated-only sections from the new season onwards. The total capacity will remain at 75,000 spectators. The renovation work is being carried out for safety reasons on the recommendation of the Munich Regional Administrative Office. Everything has been discussed and agreed with the fan dialogue working group.

Seats have been installed in the seated sections of the Nordkurve for standing section season ticket holders who want to sit behind the goal, as well as in the lower sections for the FC Bayern Kids Club. In addition, the top two rows of seats in this section will be removed to create additional wheelchair spaces behind blocks 129 to 132. Around 1,000 standing-only section ticket holders had asked for seats, and their requests will now be fulfilled.

Between now and the start of the new season, the Allianz Arena will continue to be diligently modernised so it remains a state-of-the-art venue, also in light of the 2024 European Championship in Germany and the 2025 Champions League final in Munich. "It continues to be our ambition to set new benchmarks time and again. We like being the 'first runner' and have the best possible supporters and partners in FC Bayern and its sponsors," said Muth.

FC Bayern was represented at the 25th anniversary of the street football organisation "buntkicktgut" by its World Squad, who handed over a donation cheque for €23,900:

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