Christoph Freund: ‘Really looking forward to the challenge’

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Christoph Freund officially took up his position as Bayern sporting director on Friday, 1 September. In our video profile with him, the 46-year-old Austrian, who spent the last 17 years working at Red Bull Salzburg, introduces himself and talks about family, home, his fascination with Bayern and his new role in Munich. Watch it to hear from the man himself. We’ve also rounded up some key statements from him.

Christoph Freund about… 

… his characteristics and home
“I’m determined, a team player and have a positive outlook on life. I spend a lot of time out in nature, am close to my homeland. Home is a safe haven, which is very important for me. I just feel good at home. I can be myself. That’s an important factor for me.”

Christoph Freund FC Bayern

… his career
“It wasn’t obvious that I’d go down this path. I stopped playing at 24 because my father did suddenly. After that, I took on a parental role at home. After four or five years, I had the wish to do something else with my life. I got the chance in 2006 to work at Red Bull Salzburg. And things then progressed from there. But it wasn’t all planned out. But it was very nice that I got the chance there and things then progressed as they did in recent years.”


… FC Bayern
“I’ve always been drawn in by the mentality Bayern have always shown. It’s one of the biggest clubs in the world, extremely successful but run like a family. The club has a special history and has grown in a healthy way. You don’t normally get that on this scale in world football. And that’s why it’s a really special club with values that are still lived by. It’s really enticing to get to work for a club like Bayern.”

Christoph Freund FC Bayern

… beginning work at Bayern
“It’s a big challenge and a new challenge for me. I was at a club for 17 years. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people now. It’s all bigger, there’s a different approach. It’ll be really exciting. For me personally it also means that my life will change a little. I’m really looking forward to the new challenge.”

… his role at Bayern
“The first steps will be to get to know the club, the employees, the players and the backroom staff, that I create a connection. That’ll be a very intense and exciting time. Then I want to dive into the sporting side of things, into putting together the squad. In the future I want to work on bring the club closer together in terms of communication, like with the Campus.”

Recap Freund’s official unveiling as sporting director at the Allianz Arena:

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