FC Bayern memory case for dementia sufferers

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FC Bayern, together with experts, has developed a memory case for people with dementia. Under the theme of 'Forever Number One', the aim is to create shared moments of remembrance for those affected and their relatives. According to studies, it has been proven that dealing with original testimonies from the past helps to awaken emotions and bring joy to people with dementia. Relatives of those affected or social institutions can now register at erinnerungskoffer@fcbayern.com to borrow a case. The suitcases, which were provided by Manuel Neuer and Joshua Kimmich, will be accompanied by volunteer dementia helpers depending on availability. One of them will also become a permanent part of the FC Bayern Museum.

A journey through time with Bayern

FC Bayern memory case
FC Bayern memory case – Hainer: "Helping those affected and their relatives to relive emotions and memories through a journey through time with FC Bayern'"

President Herbert Hainer, honorary president Uli Hoeneß, disabled fans' representative Kim Krämer and Markus Meindl, head of the fan and fan club support department, joined Sibylle Hinrichsen, a trained dementia assistant and senior citizen guide at the FC Bayern Museum, at the Allianz Arena to get a first look at the 'Forever Number One' memory case before the 8-0 win against Darmstadt. "We want to help those affected and their relatives to relive emotions and memories through a journey through time with FC Bayern," said Hainer. "The general aim is to make this disease more present in society, in particular to establish the topic of participation and reduce inhibitions in dealing with dementia."

The project, said Hoeneß, is "a wonderful example of how FC Bayern always does everything it can to ensure that nobody at FC Bayern has to feel excluded", adding: "The shared passion for FC Bayern can be a bridge to overcome boundaries and start a conversation. I hope that we can do something good for those affected. If you can do something that has a positive effect, you have to try." The suitcase comes with a greeting card, the text of which was recorded by Hoeneß, which will always be heard when the envelope is opened because even familiar voices can trigger something in dementia patients.

Hoeneß memory case FC Bayern
Honorary president Uli Hoeneß: "Nobody at FC Bayern has to feel excluded"

The memory case is "another example of the fact that nobody is forgotten at FC Bayern and that the club, together with the fans, breaks down barriers for the fans to enable participation," said Krämer. "Inclusion is an issue for society as a whole and can only succeed if we tackle it together." Sibylle Hinrichsen added: "Uli Hoeneß once put it in a nutshell: FC Bayern manages to penetrate deep into the hearts of its fans. The wealth of successes and emotional experiences associated with this club are of infinite value. We want to use this treasure trove of memories from our club's history to create access to people with dementia and to raise awareness of the issue in our society in general."

Kraemer FC Bayern memory case
Disabled fans' representative Krämer: "Inclusion is an issue for society as a whole"

Over 1.8 million people in Germany affected

Memory cases are a tool for biography work with dementia patients. They can help to awaken memories, evoke emotions, promote communication and bring back a piece of the person's identity. Alzheimer's disease was discovered in Munich in 1906, at a time when FC Bayern had just started playing in red trousers. In Germany, over 1.8 million people are affected by this disease, including over 270,000 in Bavaria - and the numbers are expected to double by 2050. The 'Forever Number One' suitcases contain jerseys, balls, tickets and autograph cards as well as newspaper clippings from the past. The current focus is on FC Bayern between the 1970s and 1980s, but the contents will be updated and adapted with new collector's items over the coming years.

At the end of October, FC Bayern invited around 1,000 children to a special performance at Circus Roncalli: