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Prices and Concessions - Season 2019/2020

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You can download the price list for Bundesliga home matches as well as for the Champions League group stage and DFB cup here.​

Price list

Payment Methods

  • Direct debit authorisation or SEPA direct debit mandate (only possible in writing as signature is required). Simply send us a request for an order form.
  • Credit card payments: VISA, MasterCard and American Express (please enter your 16- or 15-digit card number and the expiry date).

Advance booking fees: Seat 1.00 €, SRO 1.00€

Shipping and Processing Fees

Printed ticket:

National shipping by DHL 5 €, international 10 €

plus   2 € processing fee (ticket price up to 20 €)
           5 € processing fee (ticket price from 20 €)
           8 € processing fee (ticket price from 300 €)

print@home ticket - email delivery

plus   2 € processing fee (ticket price up to 20 €)
           5 € processing fee (ticket price from 20 €)
           8 € processing fee (ticket price from 300 €)

We do not charge any advance booking fees for members of FC Bayern, fan clubs, or sports clubs (except for DFB Pokal and away matches). Tickets will be assigned only while supplies last. Members of FC Bayern, registered fan clubs and users of the FC Bayern MasterCard will be given priority. Please also indicate a second category option when applying for tickets so we may be able to assign tickets in that category if your preferred category is no longer available.

Children, 13 years or under, pensioners, 65 years or over, and disabled persons all receive a 50% discount on tickets. If tickets in your preferred category are sold out, we will automatically adjust your order for another suitable category. If you prefer not to be considered for a different category, please mention this specifically upon making your application.

Tickets cannot be returned/refunded!

Tickets: Secondary Market

Do you have a ticket or season ticket that you can’t use? You can sell those tickets to other Bayern fans using our online Secondary Market. Please register online for this service. After your registration, you can post the tickets that you would like to sell. You will be refunded the face value of the ticket.


Please direct any questions to:

Concessionary Tickets for Home Matches

To apply a concessionary rate to your ticket, please send it to us no later than five business days before the match date, so we can reissue and resend it back to you.

We will exchange the ticket as requested and mail it back to you free of charge.

Concessions are available for the following groups:

Members of FC Bayern Munich (discount of 2.50 EUR)

Disabled persons (50% off the ticket price)

Children up to 13 years of age (50% off the ticket price)

Retirees (50% off the ticket price)

Please note that concessions are not available on the following tickets:

  • standing tickets,
  • tickets for DFB Cup matches
  • season tickets (these will not have a price printed on them)
  • tickets purchased from the FC Bayern Secondary Market (these will read: PRINT@HOME-TICKET)
  • tickets from the away team allotment (these will have the name of the away team printed on the ticket, and are usually for seats in blocks 340 – 347, and 241 – 246,)


Not all entrances to the Allianz Arena can be used with concessionary tickets (only specific turnstiles are programmed to allow access with concessionary tickets). Please use one of the sign-posted entrance points. If you need to change a concessionary ticket for a standard priced ticket on short notice, you can do this by paying the difference in cash directly at the stadium; for this you should speak to one of the attendants once you have passed the security check point.

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