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Ticket Brokers – Warning and Advice

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The unbroken demand for tickets for the matches of our first team in the Allianz Arena continues to be high. For this we thank our fans and members.

As often, however, there is another side oft he coin: ticket offers on Internet platforms and by numerous ticket agencies, especially those advertising on the Internet, are also increasing immeasurably.

We would therefore like to warn you at this point!

Only tickets purchased through the ticket service of FC Bayern München guarantee the validity of the tickets.

Unfortunately, many websites offer tickets that do not allow access to the Allianz Arena or are often not delivered at all after payment. We therefore strongly advise against buying tickets to FC Bayern Munich matches on other sites than our official site mentioned above, as these are always unauthorised providers.

Of course we try to proceed with all means against such offers and to implement contractual penalties according to our terms and conditions.

However, in doubt whether a certain provider is allowed to sell our tickets, we offer you to check this provider or the tickets purchased. You can always contact our responsible department at with the subject "Validity" or our call centre (Tel.: 089/69931-0).

You are also welcome to send us relevant information (copy of the cards, link of the offer, invoice receipts, etc) on tickets purchased from or offered by third parties:

FC Bayern Munich AG
Department Ticket Schwarzmarkt
Säbener Straße 51-57
81547 Munich

We ask for your understanding that it may partly take up to 14 days to process the information sent in, because of the number of entries.