FCB Women visit Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville

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The FC Bayern Women team enjoyed an inspiring visit to the Muhammad Ali Center as part of the Allianz Women's Tour USA 2021. The boxing legend is the most famous son of the city of Louisville in Kentucky, where Jens Scheuer's side are currently taking part in the Women's Cup.

In the footsteps of a legend: Klara Bühl and Sydney Lohmann get into the ring at the Muhammad Ali Center.

"Great role model"

The life, words and deeds of Muhammad Ali were a great inspiration to the Munich girls, as Sarah Zadrazil expressed afterwards: "It's important to stand up for what you believe in and follow your dreams. Muhammad Ali exemplified that impressively and has been a great role model to every generation since." As well as that, Ali cared about the concerns and needs of others even more than pursuing his own ambitions.

Zadrazil, Asseyi and Lohmann: A talk about Muhamad Ali's function as a role model for modern generations.

The Bayern squad arrived in Louisville the previous evening and went on a walk around the largest city in the US state of Kentucky. Following the museum visit, the first training session was next on the agenda as Bayern prepared for their first match at the Women's Cup against Paris Saint-Germain.

PSG on Wednesday

They take on the French champions in the semi-finals of the Women's Cup on Wednesday at 23:00 CEST. Depending on the result, FCB will then be playing for either third place (21:00 CEST) or victory (14:00 CEST) in the pre-season tournament on Saturday. 


FCB Women will be wearing the new, white Champions League shirt for the first time on Wednesday:

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