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Interview with Linda Dallmann: 'I was really just waiting for it'

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Linda Dallmann has agreed a contract extension with Bayern Munich until 2026. In our interview, the 28-year-old talks about where she still wants to improve, what her role in the team is and what her best moment of the last few years was.

Linda Dallmann - the interview

Linda, what made you decide to extend your contract with Bayern Munich?
"The last three years have clearly shown me what I enjoy and where I still want to go. I'm only halfway there. I still have a lot to do and we as FC Bayern have not yet reached our goal. Right now is a perfect time to continue here, to keep working on myself and to take the next steps with the club."

Beyond that, what aspects helped you decide to stay on in Munich?
"To be honest, there was never any thought of not staying in Munich. That's why the decision was very easy for me and I was really just waiting or hoping to be asked."

Where do you still see potential for your development?
"IIt's been clear in my last three years that it's always possible to improve. The club has also given me the time to work on myself and to try out other positions. I also got new input from the new coach Alexander Straus. And that helps you as a player to take the next steps."

Linda Dallmann 2026
Linda Dallmann extends her contract with FC Bayern until 2026.

What were the best moments for you in the last three years?
"The best moment was definitely winning the German championship. That was something very special because it was the moment when our daily work was rewarded. I definitely want to repeat that moment. And I would like to have many more successes."

What do you see as your role in the team?
"I think I'm the creative type who pulls the strings and provides a bit of flair. And who is creative and cheeky on and off the pitch. I see myself as a team player and a family-oriented person. That's why I think I'm a very good fit for FC Bayern.“

What else do you think your team is capable of in the next few years?
"This team still has a lot of potential. We're on a very good path to finding ourselves and developing further. I think you can see that we've been taking a lot of steps for months - sometimes they're just small ones, but they always go in the right direction. That's why I'm very eager to see where the journey will take us. I have a lot of confidence in us in any case."

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