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FCB Women in Doha: “Balance between intensity and fun”

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Since arriving on Tuesday evening, FC Bayern Women have been working hard at their training camp in Doha as they prepare for the rest of their season. Alongside numerous strenuous training sessions on the pitch and in the gym, the players also got to have some fun on days two and three.

High-intensity sessions

The Bayern squad make their way out onto the training pitches at the Aspire Academy several times a day. As well as those practice sessions, there are also strength and endurances exercises for them on the schedule. “We’ve already trained a lot and very well. The intensity of the sessions was high. We’re preparing well for the second half of the season,” said Glodis Perla Viggosdottir. “The conditions are very good. I’m pleased we can train here,” the defender continued.

FCB Women
It’s an intense few days for Bayern Women in Doha.

Despite the arduous days, Bayern’s players also have a smile on their face as they go about their training camp. “We’ve had fun up till now. Even though we’re training a lot, we’re having a good time. For me, a good mix is very important. Keeping the intensity high and working on thigs we need to improve, but also having fun. We’re finding a very good balance,“ Viggosdottir explained.

FCB Women, Karólína Lea Vilhjálmsdóttir, Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir
Compatriots Glodia Perla Viggosdottir and Karolina Lea Vilhjalmsdottir in high spirits after an intense training session.

“Days of training we can use”

After working out in the gym on day two, the focus on Friday was on playing quickly with few touches. There was also a penalty shootout with some excellent finishing. Sporting director Bianca Rech is aware of the significance of the training camp: “It’s important that we now have the chance to be together after more than two weeks over the winter break and have a long pre-season compared to the summer. These are important days of training we can use to prepare for the next games, which are important ones.” The players are very excited to be back together as well. “After our time off, it’s great to be back and playing football again. I’m enjoying it right now,” Viggosdottir added. Bayern finish their camp on Saturday with an internal match before heading back to Munich in the evening.

Bayern Women visited a school in Doha and trained with young girls:

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