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Dallmann: It was important that we won today

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Thanks to a top-notch performance in all areas, FC Bayern Women secured a deserved if hard-fought 2-1 home victory over VfL Wolfsburg. "We had a very good first half," said head coach Alexander Straus, praising his team's commitment. "It was very important that we won today and are now top of the table," said goalscorer Linda Dallmann. fcbayern.com has compiled more reaction.

Herbert Hainer: "That was a successful football weekend for FC Bayern in every respect. This 2-1 win by our women's team over Wolfsburg is the next statement in the title race after the men's 4-0 win over Dortmund. Compliments to Thomas Tuchel and his team for the game against BVB, compliments also to coach Alex Straus and his team today - it was a passionate performance in front of a Campus record crowd of 4,300 fans. Let it continue!"

Alexander Straus: "We had a very good first half. We caused Wolfsburg a lot of problems in the first half. It's always a very high-level game against them. Today we were the better team in the first half. We could have made it 3-0 with the penalty in the second half, which would have wrapped up the game. But when we conceded the goal, we saw Wolfsburg's quality. After that, they put more pressure on us and of course we know their strength in the box. All in all, though, we deserved the win. We defended our penalty area well."

Linda Dallmann: "It was very important that we won today and are now top of the table. In the last half hour, we made it more exciting than it should have been. The penalty was symptomatic, the game then turned slightly in the other direction. But we also had one or two other chances to make it 3-0, and that would have calmed the game down a bit."

Giulia Gwinn: "We set off a great fireworks display here. We got into the game very well in the first half. We were very committed in the tackles and dominated the game. Wolfsburg tried to make life difficult for us in the second half. We no longer had the pressing moments we had in the first half, but we still did well in the end. It was tight again towards the end, so we're all the happier to take the three points."

Sarah Zadrazil: "It was our target to leave the pitch as winners and jump to the top of the table. I think it was a very good performance, especially in the first half. We made it unnecessarily tense in the second half and allowed Wolfsburg to be strong again. In general, though, I'm very proud of the girls and we deserved to win."

Maria-Luisa Grohs: "We played a good game and are very satisfied. We knew that the top of the table was up for grabs today. We managed to do that, so we're very happy. In the end it comes down to these duels, you look forward to them for weeks. Every day leading up to the game, we've built up even more determination to want to win the clash."

Jovana Damnjanović: "We're all very happy that we won. We played a very dominant game. I think almost everything worked in the first 60 minutes. The pressing, the play between the lines and also the switching of the wings were very good. After they got one back, we were a bit unsure. In the end, we got the win and are top of the table. It doesn't get any better than that!"

Klara Bühl: "I'm very happy with the way we played today and that I was able to play my part in the win. It was important for us to decide the 50-50 challenges in our favour. We know that Wolfsburg are very strong, which is why we wanted to win every duel. It's great that it worked out that way. My aim was to play very confidently and offensively today. Of course, I'm delighted that it worked out that way in the end."

Reaction from the Wolfsburg camp

Tommy Stroot (VfL Wolfsburg coach): "Overall, it was a deserved win for Bayern because of the first half. It's often said that it's the details that decide games like this. I see it a little differently today. Today was also about the basics. We weren't able to show what we're actually capable of in possession. We didn't find the solution in the first half, even though we were prepared for it. In a top match, it's not enough to only be in the game for one half."

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