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Garden gnome, 5 stars
Garden gnome, 5 stars
29.95 €

FC Bayern Garden Gnomes

Fill your garden with unique FC Bayern garden gnomes

What better way to decorate your garden than with official FC Bayern Munich garden gnomes? These cheerful little garden guardians are ready to romp around in your own green, protecting your plants from the opposition and keeping your flowers in tip-top shape. These athletic little gnomes are coming to your garden to remind you and everyone who visits which team you’re supporting. They add a touch of humour to the lawn or patio of a true FC Bayern fan and are always a fantastic addition to the assemblage of FC Bayern Munich décor of garden gnome aficionados. Grab yourself a new gnome and watch the games begin in your garden.

Grow your little garden family with FC Bayern gnomes

A group of gnomes is called a “donsy”. Grab the whole bunch and create your own donsy right in your front garden. Here in the FC Bayern online store we have an assortment of gnomes to choose from. Ranging from our traditional Bavarian costume gnome to our FC Bayern Basketball gnome, we think we’ve got all our bases covered. Order them all and start your own athletic donsy of gnomes. All FC Bayern products are hard to mistake for anything other than the expressions of Bayern pride that they truly are, and no fan’s garden is complete without a happy, cheerful welcome gnome who gleefully greets visitors and passers-by. Your garden gnome collection is sure to put a smile on the faces of anyone visiting your home and is a great way to display your love for FC Bayern.

FC Bayern garden gnomes are sturdy and resilient to the cold

When you order a product from FC Bayern, you’re looking for something durable and reliable. Gnomes have to spend a lot of time outside frolicking in the flowers and bushes of your front lawn, so it makes sense that they should be able to withstand a wide range of weather. Our garden gnomes are frost resistant, sturdy and their non-slip bases mean that these little chaps won’t fall and break, even in windy conditions. The bright red FC Bayern shirts that the gnomes are dressed in are colour-fast and should withstand fading due to sunlight, so you never have to worry about your gnomes getting uncomfortable outside. They’re as rugged as our players and they’re constantly ready to go no matter what the conditions.