Thiago Alcantara

Thiago Alcantara: FC Bayern München midfield star player

Extremely fast, highly versatile and wildly unpredictable on the field; Thiago Alcantara has distinguished himself time again as an exciting player to watch in the FC Bayern München. Few others take such measured calculations of their surroundings as Thiago and it shows in his ability to manipulate the field and make solid plays and split-second judgment calls. His successful record and performance on the field has endeared Thiago to his fans and catapulted him to prominence and a shining career. The number 6 FC Bayern Thiago Alcantara jerseys are now available at the FCB online store and are perfect for all Thiago fans.

Thiago has demonstrated his talent for FCB since 2013

Alcantara began playing football at a very young age. Son of Brazilian football champion Mazinho, Thiago was born in Italy as Thiago Alcántara do Nasciemento in 1991. He began playing for FC Barcelona in 2005 when he was only 14, and in 2009 made his first team debut, quickly moving on to his international debut in 2011. Thiago readily distinguished himself as a powerful player and was signed in 2013 by FC Bayern München where he continues to dominate the field as well as the hearts and minds of his viewers. Thiago’s career with FC Bayern has been nothing if not successful. He has claimed numerous honours and awards including three separate German championships for 2014, 2015 and 2016, and the DFB Cup in 2014 and 2015 as well as many more. Thiago’s future with FC Bayern is bright and promising and his stardom is likely to continue shining for a long time.

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