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Trophy Photo

Basketball trophy on display

FCBB played 48 matches last season and fought strongly in all of them. Their efforts were rewarded at the end of the season when they lifted the Beko BBL Trophy. Since victory in Berlin the 590mm and 6.4kg trophy has had work to done to it to repair it after exuberant celebrations. The trophy is now back in Munich and is ready to go on display to the fans! Fans can have their photo taken with the trophy at the season opener in the Audi Dome on Thursday (2nd October, 20:30 CEST), thanks to our main sponsor BayWa.

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Doors open at 19:00 CEST on Thursday, as do ticket booths if you decide to buy on the day. The first match of the season against Mitteldeutschen BC begins at 20:30 CEST.