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Bayern must come up big in Bamberg

Unlucky losses are never easy to deal with. But, the Bayern Ballers must put behind their 80-78 game two loss against Bamberg and push forward. Amazingly enough, the defending champions got off to a fast start as they gave Bamberg their first home loss of the playoffs in an 84-73 defeat. The team will try to head back in that direction as they prepare for game three this Sunday. “To be honest, not much has happened, both teams have just lost their home matches,” said Heiko Schaffartzik. “We can’t just sit around and cry, we have to regenerate and try to win this Sunday in Bamberg.”  Nihad Djedovic followed up by saying “We know that we can win in Bamberg.”

FCBB general manager Marko Pesic has the same fighting mentality after facing dozens of reports after the game at the sold out Audi Dome. When asked if his team would have trouble moving on from the last second basket, the former international said “No I can’t imagine that the team would struggle. In the playoffs you have no time to go into a slump.”

After the game, the coach had a “great speech, it brought out various emotions and it felt like we already forgot about the game.”

Coach Svetislav Pesic knew why his team blew a 49-35 half time lead. “We were missing strength at the end,” said Coach Pesic. Meanwhile, GM Marko Pesic said the strains of the previous playoff series also caused the collapse. Game two against Bamberg was the seventh intense play-off game in the last 18 days.

“It was evident that we were missing energy,” said Marko Pesic on Wednesday night. Additionally, the loss of Anton Gavel to a hip injury was also a factor as the shooting guard only played 10 minutes. “We missed Anton in every part of our game, especially on defence.”

It will be a positive for coach Svetislav Pesic that the team will have their first off day since the quarter-finals. Three days are between games two and three. “Bottom line is, we need to gain some energy and regenerate,” says GM Pesic. One thing is for sure, “We will keep on fighting!”

After game three this coming Sunday (19:00 CEST), Bayern will definitely play their last home game on Wednesday (20:00 CEST) in the Audi Dome. If necessary, a final game five will take place in Bamberg on 21st June (15:00 CEST)