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Däbritz: ‘Bayern is the right team for me’

She’s won the European Championship, U-20 World Cup, and is one of the biggest talents in the women’s game: Sara Däbritz. In the two months the 20-year-old offensive player has been at FC Bayern, she’s already left her mark.

Däbritz sat down to talk about her move from Freiburg to Munich – near her hometown Ebermannsdorf/Amberg – ahead of the top match against last season’s runners-up VfL Wolfsburg this Friday at home at the Grünwalder Stadion (6 p.m. CET).

Interview with Sara Däbritz 2 games, 2 wins, 3 goals – congratulations on your debut at FC Bayern, Sara! Did you expect a start like this?

Däbritz: The start was really great. Especially getting six points after two matches is important. You can’t expect something like that when right off the bat you have a cracker of an opener against Potsdam. Why are things going so smoothly for you at Bayern from the get-go?

Däbritz: We had a 2-3-week break after the World Cup. That was important to just unwind and relax. On top of that, the team chemistry is right. The new players were really well received. The integration came easy to me. We get along well with each other, on and off the pitch. What were the reasons for your move to Munich?

Däbritz: Freiburg is a great club to begin your education. There’s no pressure, you get match experience, and can concentrate on football. Bayern is a top club. The conditions are great, the coaching staff is great, I like the style of play, and the team is strong. It was important for me to play on a team full of top-class players, where it’ll be hard to prove myself. I was convinced from the beginning that Bayern was the right team for me because it’s only here that I can improve tremendously. What role does Thomas Wörle play?

Däbritz: I heard from a number of players that the Bayern coach was great. Now I’ve seen him firsthand and can only confirm that. He’s very driven at every training session, can express his vision well and can teach us a lot. How great was the anticipation before your first training at Bayern?

Däbritz: I was already pretty excited about playing for Bayern before the World Cup. After my vacation I was very motivated and got cracking. You don’t have many options as a football fan in Oberpfalz – there’s lots of Bayern fans there.

Däbritz: In my hometown, too. I myself have been a Bayern fan since I was little. I remember years ago when I was a kid we’d take a ‘fan bus’ to the Allianz Arena. Two of my first jerseys were from Giovane Elber and Mehmet Scholl, the red and blue striped ones. Then came Makaay, Ballack… So you must not have spent a long time thinking things over when you got the call from Munich.

Däbritz: No. A positive ‘side effect’ is that I’m also close to my hometown. From Freiburg I had to drive 4-5 hours to go home. Now I can take a quick trip home when I want. I also get more visitors from back home. On Friday my mom, dad, aunt and uncle are all coming to the Wolfsburg game. It’s really nice to have family and friends closer to you. Would you say you’re living your dream right now?

Däbritz: Yeah, basically. Playing football here is so much fun. I look forward to every training session and every game. We’re contesting three tournaments. And playing in the Champions League is something special. You just have to enjoy it all. You already mentioned it – the next opponent is Wolfsburg on Friday. Champions versus runners-up. Do you know what your personal record is against Wolfsburg?

Däbritz: No. 8 games, 8 losses.

Däbritz: That’s a great record (laughs). But I can also recall a couple of close games with Freiburg against Wolfsburg, like last season in the DFB Cup semifinals. It was 1-1 after 90 minutes and it went to extra time. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough in the end. What kind of performance does the team need to put on this Friday in order to get that first win against Wolfsburg?

Däbritz: Wolfsburg is always one of the title favorites every year. They have a very strong team that they added to tremendously this summer. That said, it’ll be tough. We need to be concentrated from the beginning on, get aggressive in one-on-ones, and try to implement our style of play.