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Wörle: It doesn't get much better than this

Things could not be going any better for the FC Bayern ladies. In the summer they won the Bundesliga title for the first time since 1976, and now they have an impressive 12-point lead over second-placed VfL Wolfsburg heading into the winter break. Coach Thomas Wörle talked to about the incredible year, how the team went the entire calendar year unbeaten and what's ahead.

FCB: Tom, the holidays are here. How do you plan on spending them?

Wörle: "The best for me is having time to spend with my family, when I'm not on the road and I don't have to prepare for anything. I can spend some quiet time with my wife and play with my kids. That's what I really enjoy and what I'm looking forward to the most."

FCB: Let's look back at what's been an incredible 2015. Give us your thoughts on the last 12 months.

Wörle: "It brings me immense pride thinking baout it. We can be truly proud of what we've achieved. It was a year without any real downs. Of course there is the disappointment of being eliminated in the Champions League, but we immediately bounced back from that. It really speaks for itself that we went the whole year without a single loss."

FCB: Was the unfortunately Champions League exit, without a loss, the most disappointing moment of the year?

Wörle: "This season without a doubt. The disappointment weighed on us, but three days after we had our game against Freiburg and gave a positive response. The team knew what the game meant after the exit and reacted accordingly. With the win we put the Champions League elimination behind us. Similarly in the Rückrunde last season, we reacted right away after a draw in Duisburg against Potsdam with a win. Those were the key moments this year."

FCB: Despite that, does the Champions League exit still hurt?

Wörle: "No. We couldn't believe that we couldn't progress after two good performances. We looked forward to this tournament so much to gain more experience at the international level. Looking back, however, the exit also had some upsides. We gained new momentum from it because we were ready to learn from it. I don't know if we could have gone on the way we did in the Bundesliga or DFB-Pokal while also being involved in the Champions League."

FCB: What were the reasons for the elimination then?

Wörle: "We lacked efficiency in front of goal. We had enough scoring chances to win the game both at home and in Enschede. But not be critical of the team. We have to keep in mind that for seven players in the starting lineup this was their first Champions League game. We need time to gain this experience and use it to develop further. Twente already had two years experience behind them in the competition, you could see that."

FCB: The high point of the year was of course the Bundesliga title and the celebration on the Marienplatz balcony with the men's team. What are your memories from that?

Wörle: "When we stood on the pitch after the decisive match against Essen and were waiting for the Wolfsburg result vs Frankfurt. When that result came in and we got the information that we were German champions it was a very moving moment that definitely sticks in my memory."

FCB: Would you say 2015 was the best year of your coaching career so far?

Wörle: "It was the best year for all of us! We didn't lose a single game all year. In addition we were German champions, are now atop the standings and are in the DFB-Pokal semifinals. It doesn't get much better than that. I have to give a huge compliment to my team."

FCB: What was the biggest step forward for the team in the first half of the season?

Wörle: "The stability and consistency that we've created. My team understands what it takes to be successful. They defend and attack together. Every player plays for the other, and they've created a great belief in the team's ability to be successful. They believe in themselves and want to show that on the pitch. They go into every game focused and determined. In Melanie Behringer and Nora Holstad we also have leading figures who help promote this feeling."

FCB: Is it a new quality of the team to be able to win games that are really close?

Wörle: "You could say that. The belief grew more and more throughout our eventful year. That has given us the necessary patience for difficult games."

FCB: You have a 12-point lead on top of the Bundesliga. What could possibly go wrong now?

Wörle: "We are in a very good position right now and set a great foundation for 2016. Nothing more. We will again work very hard to have the best possible start after the winter break."

FCB: You had to do with a number of injuries in the first half of the season. Will you have more options after the winter break?

Wörle: "There won't be much that needs to be done. Mana Iwabuchi will join us again after the break. And we hope to have Katharina Baunach running again. With Sarah Romert and Lena Lotzen we have to remain a bit more patient."

FCB: How is it looking for Vero Boquete who joined in the summer?

Wörle: "Vero is an exceptionally gifted player. Unfortunately she has been injured for four months, and that's why it was difficult for her to show her ability. She just lacked the physical fitness, but we'll work on that during the winter break."

FCB: Sara Däbritz was also one of the newcomers in the summer. What have you made of her development?

Wörle: "Sara was brought in as a promising talent, not the finished product. It was clear to us that she would need time, but you could see in the last couple of weeks that she's made great strides forward. I didn't expect that to happen so quickly. She's on a very good track."

FCB: Speaking of vacation, what are your holiday plans?

Wörle: "First some quiet time with the family at Christmas. Then we'll spend some time in the snow with the kids. I'm very much looking forward to that!"