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Four players selected to train in Munich

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The second annual FC Bayern National ID Camps concluded this weekend with four players selected to travel to Munich later this summer to train and play with the FC Bayern Junior teams.

The Residential Camps saw 100 of the top boys and girls from the regional ID programs held throughout the country during the spring for 2004 and 2005 age players. The players were coached and evaluated by FC Bayern staff namely Sebastian Dremmler, Thomas Döllner, Maxi Rothenbücher and Robert Peltram.

For the first time there was a camp held in the South, with Armstrong State University in Savannah hosting the selected players from the ID programs in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, California, and Oregon whilst the North camp held at the Golden Goal complex in Fort Ann, NY featured players from New England, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware.

“The Residential Camps were a fantastic experience for our top players to experience a professional level training environment from one of the leading youth academies in world football,” said GPS Technical Director Mark Spalding.  “The visit was also a superb learning opportunity for our coaching staff who were able to work alongside the FC Bayern coaches with a GPS staff member assisting each FC Bayern coach,” said Spalding.

Luke Alexander (Orlando, FL) and Annalise Porta (San Jose, CA) from the South Camp and Jack Panayotou (Cambridge, MA) and Aki Yuasa (Charlotte, VT) from the North Camp were selected by the FC Bayern coaches after strong performances throughout the respective camp weeks. All four players will now travel to Munich with the boys joining up with the FC Bayern 2004 team in mid-July whilst the girls will travel to work with FC Bayern female program in early August.  FC Bayern’s women team is less well known than the men’s but they too are current Bundesliga Champions.

In addition to the ID players who attended the camp, they were joined by players identified previously by FC Bayern Munich in other visits to GPS and last year's camp ensuring continuity of the player evaluation process.  In 2015 four GPS players travelled to Munich and this past summer, Leo Cristiano (Buffalo, NY) attended the FC Bayern talent day.

“The ID program is now entering its third year and we have now a significant body of players identified by the FC Bayern coaching staff,” said GPS Director of Coaching Peter Bradley.  “Our dialogue with Sebastian Dremmler and the rest of his coaching staff is very consistent and we look forward to seeing how these players develop over the coming years,” said Bradley.

The trip is one of two annual coach visits as part of the extensive agreement between the German Giants and GPS signed in November 2014.  Following on from this visit and the players selected to attend the trial, GPS will take a touring party of 65 to visit Munich in early August.

The article was originally posted hereClick the links to find out more about FC Bayern's famed youth academy and the partnership with Global Premier Soccer in the United States.

Leo Christiano comes all the way from the US

FC Bayern have been holding the "Talent Day" since 1996 with players like Diego Contento and Mehmet Ekici examples of past participants who have graduated to the professional level. 

This year, kids came from all over the world: England, Austria, Italy, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and even Buffalo, NY. Leo Christiano, a member of the Global Premier Soccer club from Buffalo made the cross-Atlantic trip especially to take part in the training camp. For the 9-year-old it was an experience of a lifetime, "I am so happy that I was able to be here. It was an incredible experience and a lot of fun," said young Leo.