87-61: Bayern defeats Braunschweig

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FC Bayern Basketball won their third Bundesliga game against Basketball Löwen Braunschweig with a final score of 87-61. In front of 2,992 spectators in Braunschweig, the Bavarians showed a strong performance starting in the middle of the first quarter and game the hosts little chance to come back. The champion was led by Braydon Hobbs who had 15 points and a strong plus/minus statistic of +44.

Points per quarter Bayern-Braunschweig: 19-9, 17-19, 27-19, 24-14

FCBB Stats: Braydon Hobbs (15 points/ 75% score, +/- +44), Nihad Djedovic (12), Devin Booker (12, 3 steals), Maodo Lo (11), Vladimir Lucic (9), Leon Radosevic (7), Danilo Barthel (5), Alex King (5), Petteri Koponen (4), Nemanja Dangubic (4), Stefan Jovic (3, 5 assists), Marvin Ogunsipe

FCBB coach Dejan Radonjic: "At the beginning we had some problems with our offense, but after a few minutes and changes we played much better also on defense. In the third quarter we continued to defend aggressively and gained a big advantage. That gave us the opportunity to distribute the playing time well. That was important because our schedule is difficult and we now have just one day to prepare for Panathinaikos and then only one day to prepare for the away game in Barcelona".

Braydon Hobbs: "We had a weak start. Then we got the game more under control. After my substitution, I tried to improve the rhythm of the game - which I managed quite well. In practice, we decided to defend more physically and we did a good job."

1st quarter:
The Bavarians started the second away game of the season with Maodo Lo, Petteri Koponen, Vladimir Lucic, Danilo Barthel and Devin Booker. After the exhausting EuroLeague match during the week, the German champions found it difficult to play the game and only scored the first two points at the line by Vladimir Lucic after five minutes. Afterwards Bayern shook off the tiredness and started a 19-3 run led by the strong Braydon Hobbs. After the first ten minutes, Munich was in front 19-9.

2nd quarter:
At the beginning of the second quarter, the Bavarians let the reins slip a bit, which helped the hosts get to within four. With a made three-pointer from Stefan Jovic, the champion responded to the strong phase of the hosts and took a seven-point lead with 4 minutes int he half. Subsequently, both teams scored alternately, until Nihad Djedovic and Leon Radosevic contributed the last points of the guests in the first half. With a technical free-throw, the Braunschweig team ensured the half-time score of 36-28 in favor of Bayern. The top scorer for Munich was Braydon Hobbs, who showed his best performance of the season so far with 9 points.

3rd quarter:
After the break, Bayern got off to a much better start than in the first two quarters. After the Braunschweig team had reduced their lead with two points to 36-30, the champion - led by Nihad Djedovic (8 points) - started a 15-0 run and brought the score to 54-30. Maodo Lo was able to extend his lead to 25 points with three pointer and 3 minutes remaining in the third. In the final minutes of the third quarter, the Braunschweig players were able to make the score a bit tighter again with a 9-0 run Before the final quarter, however, Bayern led comfortably at 63-47.

4th quarter:
With the clear lead Bayern played an open game in the last quarter. After an 11-0 run and a 25-point lead, the game was decided early. . In the end, led by the strong offense of Braydon Hobbs, the Munich team won 87-61 on the road. Panathinaikos Athens, the next difficult home game in the EuroLeague, is already scheduled for Tuesday.

Upcoming Games:

  • Tuesday, 16.10., 20:30: FCBB - Athens (EuroLeague)
  • Thursday, 18.10., 21:00: Barcelona - FCBB (EuroLeague)
  • Sunday, 21.10., 18:00: FCBB - Bonn (BBL)
  • Thursday, 25.10., 20:00: FCBB - Baskonia (EuroLeague)
  • Sunday, 28.10., 15:00: Bremerhaven - FCBB (BBL)


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