100-81 over Bonn: Bayern back on top with an exclamation mark

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The FC Bayern basketball team is back at the top of the BBL standings: despite playing its fourth game in eight days, head coach Andrea Trinchieri's team put an exclamation mark on its 100-81 duel with first-place Bonn. For the Telekom Baskets (24-10), it was the fifth loss whilethe Munich team has a 24-8 points record.

The guests around sole entertainer Jackson-Cartwright (30 points, 25 shots) started fast-paced and were 15-9 ahead. But the defense adapted and the offense delivered the first lead (31-27/14th). Bonn's rebounding on the Munich board occasionally broke the rhythm, but eight of nine three-pointers (19/29 in the end - a new season record in the BBL) and 14 assists (26) were made by the break.

Even in the third quarter, the Telekom Baskets were unable to stop the FCBB shooters, and the Bavarians pulled away with a 21-5 run that was well worth seeing and took the lead up to 73-53 (29th). Youngster Jason George completed the 100 and six players scored in double figures (Deshaun Thomas 18).

The FCBB's schedule continues to get tougher starting Friday: they play Baskonia in Spain in the evening, Heidelberg on Sunday, Villeurbanne on Tuesday and Berlin in the EuroLeague on Friday.


FC Bayern Basketball - Telekom Baskets Bonn 100:81 (49:42)


Deshaun Thomas (18 Punkte, 5 Assists), Andreas Obst (14, 5 Rebounds), Vladimir Lucic (14), Zan Mark Sisko (12, 7 Assists), Nick Weiler-Babb (12), Corey Walden (10), Othello Hunter (8), Jason George (8), Gavin Schilling (2), Joshua Obiesie (2), Marvin Ogunsipe, Leon Radosevic.

Top scorer Bonn

Parker Jackson-Cartwright (30 Points)


Gentian Cici, Carsten Straube, Andreas Bohn

Points per quarter Bayern - Bonn: 20-21, 292-1, 2921, 22-18.

Stats: Two-point shooting: 62% (FCBB) // 55% (Bonn); Three-point shooting: 66% // 29%; Free-throw shooting: 89% // 80%; Rebounds: 30 // 23; Assists: 26 // 14; Turnovers:  18 // 12.


Andrea Trinchieri: "This was the FC Bayern I wanted to see today. We played a good defense, Jason George was very good and effective, Gavin Schilling also a good help. I think we reacted very well and controlled the game through our defense. (...) Bonn is very well coached and plays good basketball, so we are happy that we could control the game for 30 minutes. It was a difficult game because in the last one we were very frustrated and Bonn had a week to prepare. (..) Six players scored in double figures, two had eight, we won the rebounding duel, managed 26 assists and hit shots that were missing in the last game.  So this was a team win and we took advantage of them missing players like Tadda. (...) We had to put a big body against Jackson, who is an interesting player. He scored 30 points, but their offense was under control. Our defense allowed us to score 100 points. (...) We got a lot of confidence from having done what we wanted to do on defense. And then the ball is easier to move on offense and if you pass it quickly, the ball is played with love. (...)

One more thing I want to say: every league wants the best players, the fans want to see them. But if that's the level, how you take care of the best players in this league - and I'm talking about Lucic and his technical foul after a tough foul against him on a three-pointer, I saw the replay - that worries me. It's not about the technical fouls per se. But we have to preserve such talent because the fans want to see it when hopefully they can buy tickets again soon. Not seeing that foul on the three-pointer is not wanting to see it, even if unintentionally. Because the message before the game is apparently to care about flopping above all else. That's fine with me. But if you are more focused on reaction than action, the league will lose its best players. They work so hard to care about getting to the top, and they don't want to lose that because of mistakes like that. Making mistakes is human, but it's about the principle that encourages those mistakes."

Nick Weiler-Babb: "That was one of our best games. Bonn played very well in the first half, but in the second half we found our rhythm offensively. We managed stops when it mattered and I think the second 20 minutes were better than the first. This win could be the turning point, or at least the start, because it's always good to start with a win and a good performance. We have to build on that. It was a really good game, but after a few days off we have a tough week ahead with important games."

Andreas Obst: "We played as a team today, defended well, grabbed rebounds and did a good job of achieving the goals we set out to do on defense. We knew that Bonn is a very aggressive team, but I think we played very focused over the distance. Of course, we're looking from game to game, but our ambition is already to be on top."

Game recap:

Against the only BBL team with twelve wins at the time, FCBB head coach Andrea Trinchieri started Corey Walden, Nick Weiler-Babb, Vladimir Lucic, Deshaun Thomas and Leon Radosevic. The game fulfilled the expectations of a top game from the first second, with the lead changing three times during the first two minutes. Bonn was more dominant - led by the lively Parker Jackson-Cartwright - and forced Trinchieri to call timeout after an 8-0 run (15-9/6th minute of play). Distance specialist Andreas Obst then hit his second three-pointer, and Bayern's defense became more aggressive. Sisko also found his accuracy from beyond the 6.75m line and his two converted threes kept the Munich team in it (19-18/9th). There was still a one-poin deficit at the end of the first quarter - 21-20.

The self-confident Bonners increased their lead again effortlessly, when Lucic stepped in with a three-pointer (25-23/12th). Munich's offense stabilized, with the guests' early team foul trouble proving helpful. Bayern gained the lead with a determined 6-0 run, timeout Bonn (31-27/14th). Sloppy defensive rebounding annoyed Trinchieri considerably, as it gave the Baskets unnecessary extra shooting chances. Lucic underlined his leadership qualities with a basket to make it 36-34 (16th). The Munich team, which had recently been struggling with its three-point shooting, also hit its seventh three-pointer of the first half. The Bonners, however, did not let themselves be fazed by and remained stubbornly tied (42-42/19th). But the remaining time before halftime clearly belonged to the FCBB who streaked to a 7-0 run - 49-42 after 20 minutes.

Season's best in the BBL: 19 Munich three-pointers

The league leader from Bonn remained red-hot, but the second-placed team continued to impress after the change of ends with an outstanding quota from three-point land: one from Weiler-Babb and two from Lucic (58-50/24th). Munich moved the ball exemplarily and the threes were falling like clockwork. Two more goals from Weiler-Babb and one from Thomas extended the lead to 67-53 (27th). The Bonners  offense went scoreless for several minutes and Hunter was successful twice and pushed his team's lead to 20 points (73-53/29th). Bonn, however, caught itself and came back a bit with a 10-2 run. But five remaining seconds were enough for passer Lucic to give Deshaun Thomas an important statement in the form of a three-point play at the end of the third quarter - 78-63 before the final quarter.

Show of force to take the lead in the standings

Bonn continued to close the gap, but Weiler-Babb thrilled the Uli Hoeneß with the next three-pointer, and a really difficult one at that (81-67/32nd). When Thomas and Sisko also sank further three-pointers and the guests began to accept that it would not be possible to take away the points here and now in the Audi Dome even with a good performance (87-69/33rd). Apart from two avoidable technical fouls, the Munich team remained focused and defended attentively. In front, Obst played smartly and was all over the place for his team aiding in their next three-pointer for a score of 95-73 (37th). Joshua Obiesie was given playing time and immediately thanked the team with an offensive rebound and a bucket - 97-75 (38th). There was no more suspense, because the top game had long since been decided at first place was decided.

Photos: Stickel, Sampics

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