97-78 victory in the last home game of 2022


It's finally the weekend and the Bayern basketball team ended its Advent marathon of eight games in 16 days with another win. The game against Braunschweig went smoothly for an injury-depleted Bayern (97-78) in front of 4,100 fans in the Audi Dome. Jaramaz (23), Weiler-Babb (16) and Winston (15) were the top scorers while Gillespie had eleven rebounds.

Bonga Injured

46 hours after the EuroLeague victory over Valencia (97-92), the FCBB was again shorthanded: In addition to Lucic and Rubit (injured), Obst did not play at short notice due to muscular problems. Giffey was absent for personal reasons and Bonga twisted his ankle early on and stayed in the locker room for the remainder of the game.

The rest of the team got going midway through the second quarter and pulled away for the first time (42-34/15th). Braunschweig attacked the basket over and over but Munich'solid offense (79% twos at the break) secured its ninth BBL win.

Now there are actually five days off before the next game in Kaunas (Dec. 23rd/19).

FC Bayern Basketball – Basketball Loewen Braunschweig 97-78

Top scorer FCBB:

Ognjen Jaramaz (23 Points/3 Threes), Nick Weiler-Babb (16/4 Threes/6 Rebounds), Cassius Winston (15), Othello Hunter (9), Paul Zipser (9), Corey Walden (8), Elias Harris (6), Freddie Gillespie (6/11 Rebounds), Niklas Wimberg (5), Isaac Bonga, Andreas Obst (n.e.).

Top scorer Braunschweig

David Kraemer (20 Point)


Konstantin Simonow, Nesa Kovacevic, Christian Theis



Score per quarter Bayern - Braunschweig: 22-20, 31-23, 18-19, 26-16.

Stats: Two-point shooting: 62% (FCBB) // 56% (Braunschweig); Three-pointers: 43 % // 33 %; Free-throw shooting: 79 % // 78 %; Rebounds: 36 // 26; Assists: 17 // 18; Turnovers:  13 // 14


Andrea Trinchieri: "Eight games in 16 days, but we were able to finish strong, despite a short bench because we were missing players again. I'm happy about the way we played, which was as a team. It's very important that we had another good day on offense - our offense is getting better every game."

Elias Harris: "It's always clear to us: no matter who comes here the try to beat us with their best. Accordingly, Braunschweig came out with a lot of energy, a lot of movement on offense. We knew that we had to stand up to them and play with energy as well as with physicality. We were able to do that well. Injuries are never nice, you don't wish that on anyone, but we have a very deep squad and can compensate for something like that. Sticking together is what makes us special. We get along very well internally and on the court, and then it's even nicer when we can divide up the minutes and everyone also has moments of success."


Game recap:

Coach Trinchieri started the eleventh BBL game with Cassius Winston, Isaac Bonga, Corey Walden, Niklas Wimberg and Freddie Gillespie. The well-rested Lions had a great start and the Munich team first had to get their tired legs going (9-4 Braunschweig/4th minute of play). The fans delivered a lot of energy but the FCBB fought their way back and tied the game at 11 (6th). Gillespie was a force on the boards, grabbing rebound after rebound.  Jaramaz scored after a steal and a ruthless feint to give Munich its first lead (15-14/8th). Zipser came on the floor and immediately contributed with two free throws to make it 17-16 (9th). After the first quarter Bayern led 22-20.

Again twelve threes.

Former Munich player David Kramer (20 points, later injured) was obviously super-motivated and sank two threes - time-out Bayern (26-25/11th). The fans had their fun, as the lead now changed with every shot - ten times in three minutes (33-32/13th). An 11-2 run, initiated by Winston, changed that and forced Lions coach Jesus Ramirez to call a timeout (42-34/15th). Winston put the lead in double digits with two free throws (48-38/19th). After 20 entertaining minutes, the Munich team was ahead 53:43.

Lions fight back

The Lions came back aggressively from the locker room while Munich played a bit on their heals. Winston's three-pointer stopped the 8-0 run from Braunschweig and the FCBB gradually resumed their rhythm and kept their lead (59-51/23th). However, the Lions kept fighting and would not let Bayern pull away (64-57/27th).  Bayern did not let their opponents get any closer. Winston was his usual safe self from the free-throw line and added to the lead 68-58 (27th). Jaramaz created excitement with a buzzer-beating three-pointer to make it 71-62 after the third quarter.

1st-place Bayern still undefeated at home

Elias Harris pushed his way under the basket to make it 75-62 when Braunschweig's top scorer David Kramer injured himself and had to be carried off the court - the Munich fans supported him anxiously and chanted his name. A 6-0 Munich run pushed the lead to 77-62 (32nd), but Braunschweig did not give up and scored five quick points - timeout Trinchieri (77-67/33rd). The coach readjusted the defense and in front Harris took over with two strong buckets (81-67/35th). Two three-pointers by Zipser and Weiler-Babb were tantamount to an early decision (90-72/37th). Walden's final three-pointer made it clear to the Lions that there was nothing to be gained at the Audi Dome and the win was going to Bayern. The fans stood up appreciatively and celebrated the players and their ninth BBL victory.