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FC Bayern Youth Cup

The FC Bayern Youth Cup is the world's biggest and oldest international youth football tournament series carried out by a football club. The tournament took place for the first time in 2012 and has been conducted eight times since its start.


In 2019, a team of former FC Bayern KidsClub members participated for the second time in the FC Bayern Youth Cup World Final. Talented boys could prove themselves in two tournaments on the 17th of February in Munich and on the 23rd of February in Berlin. Under the eyes of FC Bayern youth trainer Thomas Döllner, the ten best players were selected from more than 150 players and therefore could take part in the 5-day training camp and the Youth Cup Final 2019 in Munich, where the "KidsClub" team finished seventh.

Further information and details (currently only available in German) can be found here: FC Bayern KidsClub


Every year since the first edition of the FC Bayern Youth Cup 2012, a team from Germany has been participating in the tournament. The Team Germany consists of players of the intercultural street football league "buntkicktgut". These players come from different cultures and often have their roots in countries such as Togo, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Turkey, Croatia or Albania. In 2014, Team Germany was even able to win the FC Bayern Youth Cup.

After six qualification tournaments with more than 400 participants nationwide, the 100 best players came together in Munich on the 14th of April to determine the "Team Germany" for the FC Bayern Youth Cup 2019. The tournament, which consisted of ten teams with ten players each, was led by FC Bayern legend Klaus Augenthaler and FC Bayern youth coach Thomas Döllner. After exciting and intensive games, the ten best players were selected. Thus, they could represent their country as "Team Germany" in the big world final of the FC Bayern Youth Cup in Munich in May.

The selected players were looking forward to a 5-day training camp with FC Bayern and many other highlights. One of these highlights was a personal Meet & Greet with FC Bayern star Manuel Neuer. The visit of the last Bundesliga home match followed, before the youngsters were allowed to enter the pitch of the Allianz Arena themselves to determine the winner of the FC Bayern Youth Cup 2019. The team of "buntkicktgut" faced the teams from China, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Nigeria and India and reached a strong second place after narrowly losing 0-1 to Team USA in the final.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19-Pandemic, the 9th consecutive edition of the Youth Cup sadly had to be rescheduled. We are hoping to bring the project back to Germany in 2021 and see the German teams compete in the world final.

Participation in the FC Bayern Youth Cup Germany is reserved exclusively for members of buntkicktgut and FC Bayern KidsClub.

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