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FC Bayern Football Schools & Partnerships

In April 2016, FC Bayern opened its first FC Bayern Football School in Tsuneishi, Japan.

  • The sustainability of the partnership lives mainly through the constant exchange of knowledge and the regular presence of the highly qualified international FC Bayern youth coaches - both on-site in Japan and during visits to the partner coaches and training camps of the players in Munich
  • The FC Bayern Football School Tsuneishi is an official Japanese football club (recognized by the JFA - Japan Football Association), which has excellent training facilities, very successful sporting results and is based in the Hiroshima administrative district
  • To date, more than 65 competitions and events have been held on the premises of the FC Bayern Football School, which also has accommodation for approx. 1,000 guests, in which more than 45,000 participants have participated so far
  • Three players (1 boy and 2 girls) of the FC Bayern Football School Tsuneishi have already been nominated to the youth national teams of Japan

Since May 2018, there has also been a partnership between FC Bayern Munich and the Japanese Football Association (JFA). The partnership focuses on the joint promotion of talent and the exchange of training philosophies.

As part of this cooperation, FC Bayern will send coaches to Japan for workshops and trainings. In return, the Japanese association coaches will have the opportunity to participate in the coach training of the record champion in Munich. Furthermore, friendly matches between the youth teams of FC Bayern and JFA as well as joint training camps in Munich and in the Academy in Japan are planned.

FC Bayern Youth Cup

The FC Bayern Youth Cup is the world's biggest and oldest international youth football tournament series carried out by a football club. In 2012 the tournament took place for the first time and has been conducted eight times since its start. From 2013 to 2016, a team from Japan took part in the FC Bayern Youth Cup. In 2016, the Japanese team achieved the 4th place with players aged between 14 and 16 years.

The tournament was implemented together with partner Yingli Solar and benefited the youth in the prefectures of Miyagi Iwate and Fukushima, which were hit hardest by the earthquakes, the tsunami and the subsequent nuclear disaster in 2011.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19-Pandemic, the 9th consecutive edition of the Youth Cup sadly had to be rescheduled. We are hoping to bring the project back to Japan in 2021 and see the Japanese team compete in the world final.

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