FC Bayern Youth Philosophy


FC Bayern's international youth programs serve as a sporting anchor for the club to spread the unique FC Bayern philosophy "Mia san Mia" worldwide. The aim is to create the best, most authentic and most sustainable youth programs in the world. To achieve this, FC Bayern has been laying the optimal foundation for several years now. In this process, each partnership focuses on an intensive and constant exchange of knowledge, tradition and training methods. As such, FC Bayern equips youth players and coaches worldwide with the necessary "tools" of football.

At the heart of the philosophy of the German record champion are physical characteristics such as athletics, technique and tactics, as well as the individual personality of the players and coaches. Values such as respect, ambition, "fair play" and team spirit play an enormous role here. All these qualities and values are united in the overarching club culture of FC Bayern, the "Mia san Mia".

To be able to authentically represent this on an international level, FC Bayern is the only club in the world to employ coaches who have been with the club for many years. Currently, a total of five highly qualified international coaches, including the 1990 world champions Klaus Augenthaler and Hans Pflügler, are working internationally for FC Bayern.