Bayern players sweat and toil in pre-season training

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Sweat is pouring from their brows and the players are breathing heavily. Observing the training once again makes it obvious: FC Bayern are in pre-season training. With an outside temperature of 22 degrees, the Munich team worked hard on Wednesday evening to lay the foundations for a long and hopefully successful season.

The session started off with an intensive warm-up phase with strenuous strength and sprint exercises before they even touched a ball. But there was also no time to rest during the passing drills. The ball shot from one corner to the other at the highest possible speed, and of course the idea was not to miss the intended player. The aim was to combine precision with power, and the Reds mastered it perfectly.

Hernández completes running laps – international players return on Friday

Niko Kovac was very taken with the work of his players. "Very good quality, lads", he said, praising the pros gathered around Thomas Müller as well as the numerous young players who were on the pitch. He was also very pleased to see the new face in the team Lucas Hernández on the pitch next-door, where he was completing a running session just like the day before.

Meanwhile, on the main pitch, the World Cup winner's teammates had moved on to playing a practice match - and there was no let-up here either. No-one pulled out of a tackle and the game went like clockwork. The players present want to impose themselves on Kovac and win one of the coveted places in the Croatian's starting eleven. In the public session this Friday, the competition will become even tougher as the players who were on international duty return to training. Then Manuel Neuer & Co.'s holidays will be over too and it'll be time to work and sweat - after all it is pre-season.