Eight stats and facts on FC Bayern's eighth title in a row

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With a memorable 4-0 victory in Wolfsburg, FC Bayern put the final touches to a phenomenal Bundesliga season. In addition to this title being the 30th in the club's history, there are also many other incredible facts and figures to come out of this domestic triumph. We have summarised them here for you below:

1. Three-digit attacking power 

In Wolfsburg, Bayern broke the 100-goal mark in the Bundesliga for just the second time in the club's history, a feat no other club has managed to do thus far. The overall best still belongs to FCB after their total in the 1971/72 season - in that season the team scored just one more goal (101 goals). 

2. Historic second half of the season the key to success

Picking up 49 of 51 possible points, FC Bayern enjoyed the best second half of the season in Bundesliga history - in 2012/13 under Jupp Heynckes, the team also picked up 49 points, but this term the side's goal difference was +44, one goal better than 7 years ago. 

3. Best run to end a season 

FC Bayern ended the current Bundesliga season with 13 wins in a row - a new Bundesliga record! Previously, the record was ten wins in a row to conclude a season, set by Gladbach in 1986/87. In all competitions, the result in Wolfsburg was FCB's 16th consecutive win - also a record for a team in German professional football.

4. Unbeaten second half of the season 

After 1986/87 and 2012/13, FC Bayern have passed through the whole second half of a Bundesliga campaign without losing for just the third time. The only other Bundesliga clubs to ever manage this: Frankfurt in 1976/77 and Dortmund in 2011/12. 

5. Better than last year

Bayern have taken a total of 82 points, four more than last season. It is "only" the fifth-best season in club history, but no other club has ever achieved more than 81 in one campaign.

6. Strong on the road

The 4-0 victory against Wolfsburg was Bayern's tenth Bundesliga away victory in a row. They equalled their own record from the 2013/14 season.

7. Four or more in 13 matches

The match against Wolfsburg was the 13th time Bayern scored four or more goals this campaign. Only Bayern have achieved this feat before, in 1973/74.

8. More than half

FC Bayern have won their 29th Bundesliga title in 2020. All other clubs have won a total of 28 championship titles since the foundation of the Bundesliga.

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