Leader Müller on fire as he bags a brace

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If there is anything to be gained from the empty stadiums around the Bundesliga, it is that you can now listen to what is being said on the pitch. If you hone in on Thomas Müller, you can really hear what makes him such a leader in the team.

Loud instructions from the leader

When Bayern suffered a setback in their top-of-the-table clash with RB Leipzig, Christopher Nkunku's goal opening the scoring and putting Bayern a goal down in the 17th minute, the 31-year-old was one of the first on the pitch to gee the players up with a loud "Keep going!". For the entire 90 minutes he spurred on his team mates, gave instructions and orders. "You can now hear it. It's also much easier to reach other players that way. The boys deal well with the coaching. For me it's also important to keep focused on the game, it keeps the tension high," Müller revealed after the game.

Kingsley Coman invited Müller to level the scores with a quarter-hour to go.

But Müller also walked the walk, putting Bayern in front after the half-hour, although the side from Saxony soon levelled the scores and took the lead in the second half. Müller salvaged a point when his header made it 3-3.

100-percent accuracy

"Of course you don't score two goals every game. I'm happy and satisfied with that, but even I could have done more," the native Bavarian commented modestly. He cannot have meant his accuracy as both shots he took against the Bulls went in. He scored his goals number five and six this term on Saturday, not far off from the eight goals he scored last season.

Reaction to the top-of-the-table clash:

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