Musiala: We've scored goals and found our rhythm

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"That was fun today," said a delighted Jamal Musiala (two goals, one assist) after a commanding 12-0 victory over Bremer SV in the first round of the DFB Cup. Not only the players on the pitch had fun, particularly Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, who was involved in an incredible seven goals (four goals, three assists), but also the fans in the stands and those in front of the TV. After all, it was the second-highest win in a competitive match in the club's history since their promotion to the Bundesliga (the highest was in 1997 in the DFB Cup, a 16-1 win at DJK Waldberg).

Particularly impressive was the irrepressible will to never let up and to play the game seriously. "I think you have to give a team like Bayern credit for that, that they always keep going," said coach Julian Nagelsmann after the game.

Reaction from the Bayern camp:

Julian Nagelsmann: "That the game would be one-sided was to be expected, the Bremer players would have known that too. Nevertheless, I think you always go in with a little seed of hope. They did well in the first six or seven minutes. They were brave and played well going forward. It's not surprising that we won in the end. Nevertheless, it was certainly a nice experience for everyone. It was clear that we wanted to win, but we didn't talk about a result. As I said before the game, it's about a certain level of respect. We also talked about it again at half-time, that we can use the game to practise our counter-press. We were incredibly sharp against Dortmund but not so against Köln. For me, it's simply a matter of always having momentum, regardless of whether the opponents are playing in the Champions League or Oberliga semi-professional football. We did a great job in the second half. You could also see that Choupo always defended well and Leroy was very committed. That's good. Those who came in also played well and wanted to finish the game properly. I think you have to give a team like Bayern credit for that, that they keep going. That's good."

Choupo-Moting: "Whether you get a lot of game time or not, when you get the chance, you must give your all. Every game is important. We gave it our all from the first minute to the last, that's why the game went so well for us. There were many positive things. It was a successful evening for us. I think it's the first four-goal haul in my professional career. A nice thing, definitely. But the most important thing is that it was a lot of fun today and we won the game emphatically and deservedly. Of course, I'm happy about every goal and every assist. In the second half, I was the first to set up a goal for Jamal and the others also had a go. I think it's nice when it's spread out like that. The most important thing in football is to enjoy your work and then, of course, try to do what the coach tells you to do. We still need a bit of time to perfect that. But today there were a lot of positive things. I am very, very positive and happy."

Joshua Kimmich: "We didn't start the game very well, the Bremer team was still playing boldly and had one or two shots on goal. But then we had it under control and wanted to take the whole game seriously."

Jamal Musiala: "It was fun today. The mantra was just to score goals, get into a good rhythm and build confidence for the next games. It was good for newer players to get minutes because the Bundesliga is a higher level. I just want to keep giving 100% and performing every game. I just try to focus on my performance and always give my best."

Reaction from the Bremer SV camp:

Benjamin Eta (Head Coach, Bremer SV): "It was a huge experience. I was aware that it would be a different level. But just playing here and in the first few minutes we had a few good moments. The crowd was mega and we will take that feeling with us. Even when it was already 7-0, we tried to play football and managed to do so to some extent. When Bayern go full throttle, the goals we concede are inevitable. We wanted to keep going, but at some point we couldn't anymore."

Sebastien Kmiec (player-assistant coach, Bremer SV): "The quality is brutal, of course. We had very little to counter with. We didn't get into the 50/50s and just ran after every ball. You see it with one eye crying and one eye lit up, because it's just brutal. They made substitutions, but even the ones who came on wanted to put themselves forward and played their part. Here on the pitch you can see how fast they are, but also how quickly they think. You just have to say: outstanding."

Malte Seemann (Bremer SV's goalkeeper): "It is unbelievable. An indescribable feeling. It was fun. Our boys were great and the Bayern players were all nice. That's something we'll remember."

The match report:

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